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This brief summarizes three recently completed federal evaluations that address the following research question: How does offering employment and other supportive services to disadvantaged noncustodial parents affect their employment and earnings, parenting, and child support payments?

This report describes the major research investments of our Division of Family Strengthening through Fiscal Year 2019. This division has primary responsibility for research and evaluation projects related to healthy relationships, parenting, youth transitions to adulthood, and community connections. OPRE’s research in the area of family strengthening includes mothers, fathers, couples, families, children, and youth.

Since 2005, Congress has funded $150 million each year in healthy marriage (HM) and responsible fatherhood (RF) grants designed to improve the well-being of children and families. The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded and overseen three cohorts of these grants (2006–2011, 2011–2015, and 2015–2020)....

The Strengthening the Implementation of Responsible Fatherhood Programs (SIRF) project will work closely with programs to identify and overcome the challenges they face, such as recruiting fathers, enrolling them in services, and keeping them actively engaged in services so they can realize their goals.

Several ACF programs interact with justice-involved parents and youth in an effort to promote economic self-sufficiency and social well-being for the individuals and their families. Across ACF, we are implementing rigorous research and evaluation projects to better understand how to serve this population.

Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Research and Evaluation Newsletter - Issue 6

Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Research and Evaluation Newsletter - Issue 5

In this issue:

  • OPRE Research in 60 Seconds: Parents and Children Together Evaluation Findings
  • A Snapshot of the PACT Study Design
  • Supporting the Fatherhood Journey: Findings from the Parents and Children Together Evaluation
  • Recent Reports from the PACT Evaluation
  • Modification to the Secondary Analyses of Strengthening Families Datasets Funding Opportunity Announcement

Updates on behavioral economics and the Behavioral Interventions to Advance Self-Sufficiency (BIAS) project.

The proportion of American children living in single parent families grew steadily from the 1960s through the…