A Summary of Research on How CCDF Policies Affect Providers

Published: March 15, 2012
Child Care, Cross Cutting
TANF and CCDF Research Synthesis, 2009-2012 | Learn more about this project
CCDF Research Synthesis Briefs

The Federal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) is a primary source of assistance helping low-income parents pay for child care so they can work or attend training or education. Most CCDF assistance is delivered by states through vouchers that allow families to choose any provider that meets state and local standards and will accept payment through the CCDF. In fiscal year 2010, the CCDF helped a monthly average of nearly one million families access more than 600,000 child care providers. In addition to supporting parental employment, a key federal CCDF goal is to support the availability and quality of care, both for families in general and for low-income families specifically.