ACF OPRE News Vol. 7 Issue 18 – October 3, 2019

Using Data to Understand Your Program & Much More

Published: October 3, 2019
Administrative Data for Research and Improvement, Home Visiting, Self-Sufficiency, Welfare & Employment, Strengthening Families, Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood
OPRE - Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation - An office of the Adminstration for Children & Families
October 3, 2019 Volume 7, Issue 18  
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Featured Research and Reports

B3 infographic_Cover_Page
Explore this brief that illustrates how organizations can use data to understand the "who", "what", and "how much" of the services their programs provide using case studies of the interventions from the Building Bridges and Bonds (B3) study.

Matched Savings Program Strategies_Cover_Page
Explore this brief, based on observations from staff operating the projects, to understand how they integrated Individual Development Accounts into community college settings and lessons learned for other education, employment, and training institutions.

HPOG 2 Implementation Evaluation Design Plan Cover
Explore this report on the research design plan for the impact evaluation of HPOG 2.0.

Visit the (HomVEE) website to learn more about the latest reviews of home visiting models and access several new resources.

NRCEC Banner with logo
Submit a poster, paper symposium, or poster symposium proposal for the three-day conference.

Apply for one of up to ten cooperative agreements that fund research to conduct secondary data analysis of archived datasets from the Building Strong Families, Supporting Healthy Marriage, and Parents and Children Together large-scale impact studies

Register for this October 30th webinar to learn basic mapping concepts and techniques designed to support CCDF lead agency staff and partners in mapping child care access across their state or other region.

Social Media Spotlight

Tweet from Ellie Ott - Having work  @OPRE_ACF I'll vouch that it is rigorous relevant research from the US but useful for thinking about human service contexts across countries  @ReesCentre    @whatworksCSC   @csc_innovation

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