Prevalence and Experiences: Intimate Partner Violence Prevalence and Experiences Among Healthy Relationship Program Target Populations

Published: May 10, 2016
Youth Services, Strengthening Families, Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood
Responding to Intimate Violence in Relationship Programs (RIViR), 2014-2020 | Learn more about this project

This paper summarizes research on the prevalence and experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV) among the target populations for adult healthy relationship programs. The purpose is to provide practitioners with information on their program populations to support their efforts in addressing program participants’ experiences with IPV.

This is the first in a series of papers from the Responding to Intimate Violence in Relationship Programs (RIViR) project, which aims to understand how to best identify and address IPV in the context of healthy relationship programming.

Last Reviewed: April 29, 2019