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Serving Young Fathers in Home Visiting Programs: Highlights from a Research Study

Published: December 18, 2015
Home Visiting, Strengthening Families, Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood
Home Visiting: Approaches to Father Engagement and Fathers' Experiences, 2013-2015 | Learn more about this project

Interviews with program staff and clients in home visiting programs revealed that young fathers’ motivations to participate are similar to those of older and experienced fathers. The interviews also highlight that both groups of fathers benefit from the program in similar ways. However, young fathers—especially minors—present a unique set of challenges.

The brief describes these challenges and the strategies staff use to serve young fathers based primarily on staff interviews in home visiting programs that serve a high number of teen fathers. The lessons programs shared may assist other programs that serve low-income families in their efforts to engage young fathers.

Findings in the brief come from a larger qualitative research study that explored the strategies five home visiting programs use to engage fathers, as well as fathers’ experiences in home visiting.

Last Reviewed: April 29, 2019