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The Effects of Child Care Subsidies for Moderate-Income Families in Cook County, Illinois: Final Report

Published: September 15, 2010
Child Care
Evaluation of Child Care Subsidy Strategies, 2001-2010 | Learn more about this project
Effects of Child Care Subsidies for Moderate Income Families in Cook County, Illinois

In order to support the employment and child care choices of low-income families, federal funding for child care subsidies has increased substantially since 1996. Although many more low-income families are consequently receiving help paying for child care, there is little rigorous evidence to guide states’ decisions on how to best structure their subsidy programs to meet the twin goals of supporting parental employment and helping families afford their preferred form of child care. This is the final report of a random assignment study in Cook County, Illinois, that seeks to answer two policy questions: whether providing subsidies to families whose income exceeds the state’s usual income eligibility limit affects their child care and employment outcomes, and whether extending the time before families have to reapply — the redetermination period — affects their receipt of subsidies and related outcomes.

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