Budgeting 101

Photo of Sharron Battle speaking at the Region 6 Assets ConferenceBasic financial education helps mom curb spending addiction

Temptation was hard to resist for Sharron Battle, a Dallas single mom and grandmother, who was addicted to spending.

This addiction led to a very unstable and transient life for her and her family.
Battle’s family enjoyed nice clothes and things while failing to pay necessary living expenses like rent, electricity and water.

Consequently, she was evicted for non-payment of rent after purchasing a $1,500 dining table. To make matters worse, Battle was laid off resulting in her family becoming homeless.

Battle admits that she isn’t the role model for her family that she wanted to be and blames herself for her son’s first criminal act of snatching a purse while they were homeless. Her son was convicted and served time for his offense.

After hitting rock bottom, Battle’s life began to turn around when she was introduced to the YWCA of Metropolitan Dallas. She enrolled in financial education classes offered by the program. Her recovery was well underway. There, she gained budgeting skills, which included how to make paying her bills a priority and identifying between her wants and needs before spending money on material things.

Battle credits the program for restoring her self-esteem, dignity, and becoming a positive role model for her family. She encourages others in her situation to seek financial education to improve their situation and end their spending addiction.

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