Gerardo Becomes a Proud Father and Husband

Photo of Gerardo and child“Gerardo” is an Education Service Center Head Start parent and a Responsible Fatherhood program participant. Gerardo believes the program has helped him become a better father and husband.

“I’ve learned so much about being a father, a husband, and a provider,” says Gerardo. “I’m spending more time with my children; I’m there for them and cherish every moment.”

One of the most valuable lessons Gerardo has learned is patience. “A year ago, things were very difficult for me,” Gerardo points out. “I didn’t have a chance to finish school and could not find work. I was a father of four and could not provide for them – it was very stressful.”

Gerardo credits the skills he learned from the Responsible Fatherhood program for the progress he has made in handling stress today. “Sometimes you get frustrated and want to blow up,” he admits. “But you can’t do that to your family. You have to give yourself five minutes, take a breath, and blow off steam.” He adds, “Or in my case, I have four children so I take 20 minutes.”

The Responsible Fatherhood program has opened many doors for Gerardo. “The program helped me to get my GED and my Commercial Drivers License and now I work for Head Start.” Gerardo knows that his greatest success is his transformation to loving father and husband and committed provider for his family.

“Thanks to the Responsible Fatherhood program, I’m a better man, I am blessed with a beautiful family and I love being a dad,” Gerardo affirms.

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