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Hawaii’s Implementation of a Two-Generational Approach (‘Ohana Nui)

‘Ohana Nui is a proven approach that capitalizes on Hawai‘i’s unique multigenerational family structure and provides a framework for human service delivery that positions whole families for a chance at greater well-being. Translated as extended or large family, ‘Ohana Nui is an adaptation of the national two-generation approach. The approach addresses the needs of children, parents, and grandparents early and concurrently, resulting in better outcomes for the family. Practically speaking, this new philosophy requires the state to tear down silos, think beyond the limitations of funding streams, and work across divisions, programs, and teams. It may even require policy changes.

Hawaii’s implementation of ‘Ohana Nui aims to make strategic, intentional changes that enables communities to reach commitments even more effectively. ‘Ohana Nui is based on national data and best practices that a multigenerational philosophy of service delivery is more effective than one that separately addresses individuals’ needs. ACF Region 9 looks forward to working with the State of Hawaii on the implementation of ‘Ohana Nui.

To track implementation progress, please visit the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services website.

ACF is committed to supporting the whole family -- creating opportunities for and addressing needs of both children and their parents together to help break the cycle of poverty. Our regional efforts will continue to identify and share promising and model programs and policies to advance two-generation and whole family approaches.

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