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The Ain Dah Yung Center | "Our Home” in the Ojibwe Language

The Ain Dah Yung Center (ADYC)—which means “our home” in the Ojibwe language, is an agency that provides services to primarily runaway and homeless American Indian youth. The ADYC provides a culturally relevant and safe place in the Twin Cities, one of the most concentrated urban American Indian populations in the United States. The ADYC led the way as the first agency to provide any form of culturally relevant focused services to any group. ADYC is a national model for providing a broad spectrum of cost-effective social services to American Indian youth and their families.

ADYC provides a continuum of care and services recognizing that, in American Indian culture, you can’t grow as a person until you have honor, dignity, and respect for both yourself and everything around you. Each year, ADYC provides services to nearly 1,100 youth and their families, using traditional American Indian beliefs as a starting point for personal and community growth.

ADYC is a cornerstone for community healing, committed to ensuring that American Indian youth and families in the Twin Cities area retain access to their rights of community belonging and cultural identity.

Beverley A. Benjamin Youth Lodge (Transitional Living Program): The Youth Lodge is a transitional living program available to youth discharged from Ain Dah Yung’s emergency shelter, and to youth ages 16-21 that have not parental substitute, foster or institutional home to which they can safely go. Youth live in a stable, culturally supportive and safe environment in which they address critical barriers to self-sufficiency and strengthen their community and cultural connections. Services include: supportive housing, adult living skill instruction, case management services, and development of holistic supports.

Emergency Shelter (Basic Center Program): The Emergency Shelter provides culturally specific emergency shelter to American Indian youth who are homeless, runaway, in family crisis, or involved with juvenile corrections. Services include: emergency and short-term shelter, crisis intervention, case and systems advocacy, information and referrals, access to medical/dental care, counseling, case management and community education.

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