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Tubman House Gives Life and Purpose to Former Homeless Families, Parenting or Pregnant Youth

Waking the Village’s Tubman House program offers 18 months of housing and support so that Sacramento’s homeless, parenting or pregnant youth and their children can get busy living — rather than just surviving.

Based in two houses and serving eight families at a time, Tubman partners with each resident to reduce dependency and unhealthy relationships so that each graduate is able to sustain:

• Housing
• Health
• Mental wellness
• Strong parent-child relationships
• Employment
• Progress toward careers

Guiding residents into productive rhythms and surrounding them with supportive adults creates real momentum.

A typical resident during a Tubman stay will:

• Attend college
• Connect to a doctor and preventative health care
• Attend parent child interaction therapy
• Work alongside child development teachers in the on-site center
• Clear debts
• Attend to legal issues
• Lead service projects
• Connect to regular counseling
• Establish a savings and regular income
• Govern their community

Residents save 75 percent of their income as a commitment to self-sufficiency. Planning for permanent housing begins upon entry as residents register on affordable housing lists and begin saving. 

In the evenings, house directors provide guidance in managing each home and building community. Tubman creates change by providing an intensive intervention in early adulthood that moves families from dependency to self-sufficiency.

Since launching in January 2003, the program has accomplished the following:

• 90 percent of Tubman’s clients exited to stable housing
• 95 percent exited connected to medical care
• 76 percent attended college
• 88 percent accessed mental health counseling
• 50 percent worked and attended college
• 75 percent cleared all debts.

In 2007 and 2013, Tubman House was awarded Maternity Group Home funding from ACF’s Family and Youth Services Bureau that continues to provide a solid funding foundation for the agency. 

Waking the Village is a Runaway and Homeless Youth grantee.

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