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ACF Joins United African Organization for ACA Enrollment Event

Amadou Bah left Africa 23 years ago and came to the United States. He works as a cabdriver and enjoys living in America. In the 23 years that Mr. Bah has lived in the U.S., he has had health insurance once – but it expired after one year.

That changed on February 24, 2014, when the United African Organization (UAO) hosted a free workshop at the Uptown Library in Chicago to help people enroll for health insurance. Staff from the Sinai Community Institute (SCI) assisted with enrollments, and two staff members from ACF's Chicago regional office also attended. During this workshop, staff from the UAO and SCI helped Bah sign up for health care. 

After the online enrollment process was over, Bah said this is the first time he has had “real health insurance,” and he feels relieved. This health insurance will bring him peace of mind knowing that if he gets sick, he can go to almost any hospital and get care. Amadou has a 19 year old daughter that aged out of Kid Care, and she will now also be covered under his plan. 

Amadou said that he first knew of the new health care laws because of all the news coverage. He said that all of his friends at the cab company are also signing up.

ACF's regional offices have been working with community organizations to promote the Affordable Care Act and help eligible people enroll for healthcare.

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