About Targeted Assistance

Targeted Assistance - Formula

As part of the Division of Refugee Assistance, the Targeted Assistance Program (TAG) helps refugees obtain employment within one year's participation in the program in order to achieve self sufficiency. TAG services are similar to Refugee Social Services, however they are distinctive in that they prioritize:

  • Cash assistance recipients, particularly long-term recipients
  • Unemployed refugees not receiving cash assistance
  • Employed refugees in need of services to retain employment or to attain economic independence

TAG allocates formula funds to states that qualify due to an influx of refugee arrivals seeking public assistance.

Contact Information
Carl Rubenstein
Director, Division of Refugee Assistance
Office of Refugee Resettlement
Administration for Children and Families
US Department of Health and Human Services

Targeted Assistance - Discretionary


The Targeted Assistance Discretionary Program is part of the Division of Refugee Assistance and provides grants to address the employment needs of refugees that cannot be met with the Formula Social Services or Formula Targeted Assistance Grant Programs.

The Discretionary Targeted Assistance Grant Program is designed to assist newly arrived refugees and specific refugee populations with compelling situations who for various reasons have been unable to make the transition to economic self-sufficiency.

The target areas of interest are regions with high secondary migration, high refugee concentrations, high unemployment, and/or high utilization rates of public assistance by refugees.

Services are geared towards self-sufficiency through employment, dual employment, increasing family income, and/or maintaining employment:

  • Case management services - Capacity to provide information and referral services and employment case management.
  • Social adjustment services - Orientation/counseling focusing on communication, stress management, and conflict resolution.

Discretionary TAG funds may be used to complement or supplement existing employment activities already underway, and grantees may continue to use Discretionary TAG funds after a refugee has entered a job, in order to help the refugee retain employment or move up the ladder to a higher paying job.

List of Current Grantees

Contact Information
Meagan McManus
Program Manager, Division of Refugee Assistance
Office of Refugee Resettlement
Administration for Children and Families
Department of Health and Human Services
Phone: 202.205.9490

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