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ORR Helpline for Unaccompanied Alien Children or Sponsors

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How does the ORR National Call Center help parents who are looking for their child?

  • The call center collects information from the caller, and will send information in real time regarding the caller’s inquiry to the shelter in which the child is located.
  • A caller may provide his/her name, contact information,, their relationship to the child or child’s family, etc. This information is collected by the call center and sent to the shelter.
  • The call center does not verify or authenticate relationships, and therefore MAY NOT share the location or other personal information regarding the child with the caller.
  • The ORR shelter is responsible for responding to a parent/sponsor/legal representative, after verifying the caller’s identity with the child or their family in the country of origin.

Other helpful information:

  • Not every adult who comes forward to claim custody of a child is an appropriate sponsor due to a variety of reasons, which may include custodial disputes in the home country or environmental factors unsuitable for children.
  • Professional case managers conduct vigorous investigations to determine safe settings for children to be released to a sponsor.
  • The ORR National Call Center is experiencing an extraordinarily high volume of calls.
  • To mitigate wait times and ensure rapid response, the call center has increased staffing during peak times.
  • To ensure the call center can focus on its critical mission of supporting children and families, ORR asks that members of the public, lawmakers, and media do not use the 1-800 number. Inquiries can be forwarded to or

In addition to reunification support, the ORR National Call Center also serves children and sponsors post-reunification with issues that may include: finding resources in the community for education, medical care, emotional support, juvenile justice, substance use, legal support and safety; providing guidance on strengthening the relationship between sponsors and children; and receiving reports of abuse or neglect.

Request for Case File Information

Outside entities, attorneys, or other individuals seeking UC case file information must make a request to ORR under the appropriate policies and procedures. Requesting parties should not make a FOIA request for UAC case file information.

Media Contact

Please visit ACF's Media Center page for contact details.

Program Contact Information

Office of Refugee Resettlement
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Phone: 202.401.9246
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Last Reviewed: July 3, 2018