Emergency Preparedness

Publication Date: June 6, 2014

Emergency Preparedness Booklet

Newly arriving refugees are among the most vulnerable of populations during a disaster in the United States due to language barriers and a lack of exposure to U.S. practices around emergencies. Depending on what region of the world the refugees came from, they may not know about some types of natural disasters, such as tornadoes.  This booklet introduces refugees to the types of disasters that occur in the United States as well as what to do during them and how to be prepared.

The English version is in sequential order when viewed on the website.

The booklets in refugee languages are out of order when viewed on-screen.   However, when printed out, they will be in order if you set your printer to these settings:   Select two-sided for print style and short edge (or top) for the binding location.    For each booklet, take all the pages and fold the half; the booklet can be stapled in the middle.

Click on one of the languages below to download the booklet in PDF form.

Amharic | Arabic | Burmese | Chinese | Farsi | French | Karenni (Kayah)
Kinyarwanda | Nepali | Sgaw Karen | Somali | Swahili | Tibetan | Tigrinya

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Contact the Division of Refugee Health to receive this booklet in an editable Publisher version, if you would like to adapt it to your locality’s needs.

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