Categories of Guidance and Informational Documents Released by ORR

Dear Colleague Letter 16-01

Publication Date: November 19, 2015

October 1, 2015

Dear Colleague,
I would like to take this opportunity to announce and define the new categories of guidance and informational documents issued by ORR to stakeholders and the public.  We hope this organization of guidance and information into specific, designated categories based on the purpose, longevity, and intended audience of the guidance will benefit all parties. 

Categories of Guidance and Informational Documents Released by ORR

ORR Refugee Program

Policy Letters: Policy Letters (PLs) inform States, grantees and other stakeholders of new policy, changes to existing policy or clarifications and interpretations of prior policy affecting ORR programs. 

Information Memoranda: Information Memoranda (IMs) provide basic information to stakeholders and the public about ORR program activities, initiatives, and partnerships with other agencies.

Dear Colleague Letters: Dear Colleague Letters (DCLs) include notifications to States, voluntary agencies, and interested parties about new funding opportunities, State reporting, messages from the ORR Director, organizational changes and announcements about ORR events.     

Reports: Reports include the ORR Annual Report and other reports generated by any of the ORR divisions.

ORR Unaccompanied Children’s Program

ORR Policy Guide: The ORR Guide: Children Entering the United States Unaccompanied is an online summary of ORR policies for the placement, timely release and care of unaccompanied children in ORR custody.  It is a living document that may be updated as new policies are incorporated into the program or current policies are modified.

I hope this Dear Colleague Letter is useful to you.  Please contact the Division of Policy if you have any questions about its contents.

Robert Carey, Director
Office of Refugee Resettlement

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