Refugee Medical Screening

Publication Date: November 1, 2012

Refugees are required to be medically screened overseas to be cleared for admission into the United States. Upon arrival, refugees should also complete a domestic medical screening. 

The Refugee Medical Screening (RMS) program provides guidance, technical assistance, and funding for state refugee programs to implement and manage domestic screening.

Two sets of guidance lay the foundation for refugee medical screening: 

The purposes of the medical screening are to

  • Follow-up on medical issues identified in the overseas medical screening
  • Identify persons with communicable diseases of potential public health significance
  • Enable refugees to successfully resettle by identifying health conditions that threaten their well-being
  • Refer clients to primary care providers or specialists for ongoing health care

State refugee programs or Replacement Designees administer Refugee Medical Screening programs.

Contact your state’s Refugee Health Coordinator to learn more about the Refugee Medical Screening program.

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