Coordinated Placement

Goal of ORR Refugee Placement Activities:

ORR’s interest in coordinated placement is to facilitate and ensure refugee self sufficiency and integration by 1.) providing timely and relevant employment and health-care access data to inform the refugee placement process, and 2.) ensuring that ORR’s resources are available to meet the needs of incoming refugee populations.

General Background:

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Based on the National Security Council-led interagency process, the Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) and Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) instituted quarterly placement consultation meetings with resettlement stakeholders; including national resettlement agencies, State Refugee Coordinators, State Refugee Health Coordinators, Ethnic Community Based Organizations and ORR technical assistance providers.

Description of Activities:

  • ORR and PRM co-host quarterly placement consultation meetings. These meetings are the key mechanism for sharing information with stakeholders.
    - PRM provides information on overseas refugee processing activities and upcoming arrivals.
    - ORR shares funding, capacity, and other domestic indicators affecting refugee placement.
    - ORR and PRM hold discussions to clarify new changes or policies likely to affect refugee placement.
    - ORR and PRM facilitate and host presentations from outside agencies on topics relevant to refugee placement and resettlement stakeholders.
  • ORR provides PRM with comprehensive data and information to facilitate the latter’s annual consolidated placement planning and decisions.
  • ORR and PRM officers responsible for placement issues meet monthly, or more frequently as necessary.
  • ORR and PRM respond to questions from stakeholders and consider recommendations.
  • ORR staff attends allocation meetings at the RPC, as necessary.
  • ORR participates in on-going local capacity, placement and reception discussions along with concerned entities as they arise.

Process and Mechanisms of Quarterly Placement Consultation Meetings
  - Meetings have virtual capability, and agenda includes common items for each meeting as well as issues to be addressed on a periodic basis.
  - ORR and PRM share proposed agenda with participants to garner suggestions to adjust the agenda accordingly.
  - ORR and PRM adjust the format of information sharing to the extent practical.

FY 2015 Refugee Placement

FY2015 Statistical AbstractTo facilitate the FY 2015 Refugee consolidated placement planning, ORR provides the attached “Statistical Abstract for Refugee Resettlement Stakeholders” (PDF) document. This document contains critical information on the domestic refugee landscape for resettlement stakeholders to consider when making placement decisions, including a compilation of resources historically available to states for determination of the capacity of communities to serve the diverse needs of refugees.

This document is an additional key mechanism for ORR to share data and other critical information with PRM and resettlement stakeholders nationwide. The overall goal is to more effectively meet the needs of refugees while promoting their self-sufficiency and successful integration in the United States after their arrival.