Matching Grant Program

The Voluntary Agencies Matching Grant Program is an alternative to public cash assistance providing services to enable ORR-eligible populations (refugees, asylees, Cuban and Haitian entrants, certain Amerasians from Vietnam, Victims of Severe Forms of Trafficking, and Special Immigrant Visa Holders (SIVs)) to become economically self-sufficient within 120 to 180 days of program eligibility. Services required under this program include, but are not limited to, case management, employment services, maintenance assistance and cash allowance, and administration. Self-sufficiency must be achieved without accessing public cash assistance. Enrollment is available to all ORR-eligible populations meeting the minimum employability requirements as defined under the Program Guidelines; however, enrollment must occur within 31 days of becoming eligible to ensure adequate services are provided and self-sufficiency is achieved and maintained within the period of eligibility.

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