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Formerly known as the Refugee Preventive Health Program

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In FY2015, the Refugee Preventive Health Program became the new Refugee Health Promotion Program (RHP).  The Refugee Health Promotion Grant is now available to states, Wilson/Fish agencies, and state designees that serve refugees, with a special focus on recent arrivals and those that have been in the country two years or less, but still continue to face serious challenges with regards to access to health and mental health services. The RHP program is part of the Division of Refugee Health.

The goal of the RHP program is to incorporate a framework of health services from arrival to self-sufficiency, ranging from attending health orientation and education classes, to accessing health services, and obtaining affordable ongoing health care. Within this framework, and differing from the PHG, there is a special emphasis placed on

  • Health literacy;
  • Access to health and emotional wellness services, and
  • Access to affordable health care beyond the initial services provided upon arrival into the United States.

The Refugee Health Promotion Grant is awarded to applicants who can adequately demonstrate their ability to incorporate health equity through a comprehensive, statewide approach, by supporting and streamlining activities that promote health and emotional wellness for refugees and other eligible applicants.

List of Current Grantees


Revised Medical Screening Guidelines for Newly Arriving Refugees (ORR State Letter 12-09) 


Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance


Contact Information
Meredith Upchurch, MSW
Refugee Health Project Officer, Division of Refugee Health
Office of Refugee Resettlement
Administration for Children and Families
330 C Street SW
Washington, DC 20201
Phone: 202.205.4916