Refugee Family Child Care Microenterprise Development

The Refugee Family Child Care Microenterprise Development (RFCCMED) program helps recently arrived refugees and other ORR eligible populations start and run family child care businesses in their homes to earn income that allows them to live independently.

Many refugees come to the U.S. with experience caring for small children. They may also have young children of their own to care for, which makes it difficult for them to work outside of their homes. The RFCCMED program helps these refugees to use their childcare skills to earn an income. These businesses may also help generate jobs for other refugees.

Participating in the Program

The program serves refugees who have lived in the U.S. for less than five years and are interested in starting a family child care business.

The program provides refugee participants with:

  • Training in child care and business skills
  • Assistance with applying for a child care license
  • Cash stipend of up to $3,000 for supplies and materials needed to run their business

Participants in the program must live in a home that meets state and local government legal standards for operating a family child care business. These standards ensure the providers' homes are safe and that providers are able to help the children they care for grow and learn.

Becoming a Grantee

The RFCCMED program is operated by local community organizations who partner with non-profit agencies that support child care providers and government offices responsible for issuing child care licenses.

The RFCCMED program is currently funded for a three-year project period in eight cities across the U.S.

The RFCCMED program is a competitive grant program.

Organizations wishing to operate a RFCCMED program must submit an application when the program Funding Opportunities Announcement is open on Visit disclaimer page.

Current RFCCMED programs