Resettlement Resources


The Office of Refugee Resettlement provides services that help refugees become self-sufficient as quickly as possible after their arrival in the United States. The following resources provide information on the wide range of programs that work to make this possible.

General ResettlementHousing | State ProgramsRefugee School Impact ProgramCuban Haitian ProgramRefugee Social Services, and Targeted AssistancePreferred CommunitiesMatching Grant ProgramCash and Medical AssistanceRefugee Placement

General Resettlement

Divisions of Refugee Assistance (DRA) Overview
This is an overview of the mission, background, and program descriptions for the Division of Refugee Assistance.

Office of Refugee Resettlement Programs
This page lists and provides links to the pages for Office of Refugee Resettlement programs.

Welcome to the United States: A Guidebook for Refugees
This guidebook helps refugees prepare for their first few months in the United States. Many translated versions are available.

Office of Refugee Resettlement Events Calendar
This is a list of upcoming refugee events.

National Voluntary Agency Directory
This is a list of National Voluntary Agencies that support refugees.

Asylee Eligibility for Assistance and Services Overview
The page addresses eligibility, benefits, and responsibilities of asylees for Office of Refugee Resettlement programs.

Asylee Information and Hotline
This page provides links to resources for asylees, in several languages.

Office of Refugee Resettlement: Policy Guidance, Regulations, and Legislative Authority
This page provides links to policy guidance, state letters, regulations, and legislative authority.

45 CFR Part 400 - Refugee Resettlement Program
This is the policy that governs the Refugee Resettlement Program.

The Refugee Act of 1980
This is a posting of the Refugee Act of 1980 that created The Federal Refugee Resettlement Program.


Finding Affordable Housing for Refugees
This page provides information about possible sources of housing for refugees including non-profit housing developers, Section 8 properties, and more.

Refugee Housing Program FAQ's
This is a list of frequently asked questions relating to finding housing for refugees.

Training Refugees About Housing
This page provides links to materials that can help orient refugees to their new home so they know how to operate appliances safely, how to maintain the apartment properly, and what is required of them as tenants.

Refugee Housing Program Partners: Noteworthy Methods
This page highlights unique and successful housing programs run by Refugee Housing Program partner organizations.

Housing Occupancy Standards
This page discusses general rules around housing occupancy standards as well as references Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) policies.

Working With Landlords
This page provides ideas on how to cultivate relationships with landlords, and handle problems that may arise.

State Programs

State Programs Annual Overview
This page links to an interactive map that lists Office of Refugee Resettlement programs by state.

Office of Refugee Resettlement Funded Program Key Contacts
This is a list of Office of Refugee Resettlement Program staff by state.

Refugee School Impact Program

Refugee School Impact Program Overview
This page provides background on the Refugee School Impact Program as well as funding opportunities.

School Impact Grants: Grantee Listing
List of awards and grantees for the School Impact Grants program.

Cuban Haitian Program

Cuban Haitian Program Overview
The Cuban Haitian Program provides grants for programs that support Cuban and Haitian entrants and refugees with employment services, health care, education services, crime and victimization programs, and citizenship and naturalization services.

Cuban Haitian Program: Grantee Listing
List of awards and grantees for the Cuban Haitian program.

Who We Serve - Cuban Haitian Definitions and Eligibility
This page provides the definition of Cuban/Haitian as well as eligibility documentation requirements.

45 CFR Part 401 - Cuban Haitian Entrant Program
This is the policy that governs the Cuban Haitian Entrant Program.

State Letter #10-03 - “Cuban and Haitian Entrants”: Eligibility for ORR-Funded Benefits and Services
This State Letter discusses ORR-funded benefits and services that Haitian nationals might be eligible to receive if they are in the United States.

State Letter #07-14 - Cuban Parolee and non-Cuban Spouse or non-Cuban Child: Spouse and Child Not Eligible for ORR Benefits and Services
This State Letter discusses that non-Cuban spouses and children of Cubans do not meet the definition of a "Cuban and Haitian entrant."

Refugee Support Services

Refugee Support Services Program Overview
This page provides a brief overview and contact information for the Refugee Support Services Program.

Preferred Communities

Preferred Communities Overview
This pages provides a brief overview, contact information, and a list of current Preferred Communities organizations.

Matching Grant Program

Voluntary Agencies Matching Grant Program Overview
The Voluntary Agencies Matching Grant Program works with the Refugee and Cuban Haitian Entrant Reception and Placement program. This page provides a program overview, list of voluntary agencies, and annual grant reports.

Matching Grant Volag Program Managers
This page provides a list of program managers and contact information for Matching Grant Volag Programs.

Cash and Medical Assistance

Cash and Medical Assistance (CMA) Overview
The Cash and Medical Assistance program reimburses states for services provided to refugees and other eligible persons, including Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA), Refugee Medical Assistance (RMA) and Unaccompanied Refugee Minors.

Refugee Placement

Refugee Placement Overview
This page provides the goal of refugee placement activities, as well as a general background, description of activities, and processes and mechanisms.


Last Reviewed: April 6, 2020