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Office of Refugee Resettlement State Letter SL00-17

State Letter 14-04

FY 2014 Refugee Social Services Formula Allocations
September 2, 2014

State Letter 14-04

State Letter 14-06

FY 2014 Targeted Assistance Formula Allocations
October 16, 2014

State Letter 14-06

Fiscal Year 2013 Refugee Arrivals

Fiscal Year 2014 Refugee Arrivals

Success Story - Boraqo Halal Market Maine

FY 2015 Social Services Formula Allocations

State Letter 15-04
April 28, 2015

ORR announces the FY 2015 Social Services allocations and the population figures used to determine the allocations.

Clarifies that SSA will use the Department of State (DOS) Refugee Data Center (RDC) for refugees applying for SSN when SSA cannot verify refugee status through an online Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) query. 

ORR had been receiving reports that social security offices throughout the country were issuing restricted cards to refugees. Refugees should receive unrestricted social security cards.

Fiscal Year 2018 Refugee School Impact Social Services Set-Aside

Dear Colleague Letter 18-01
October 5, 2017

Dear Colleague Letter 18-01: Fiscal Year 2018 Refugee School Impact Social Services Set-Aside