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ORR clarifies language I-94s issued to certain Haitians paroled by ICE and advises on proper handling of such cases.

ORR announces a new Documentation Guide that outlines: (1) the statuses and documents that confer eligibility for Refugee Resettlement Program benefits; (2) the documentation that is needed to show an individual is eligible; and (3) a suggested process for making eligibility determinations.

Clarifies that SSA will use the Department of State (DOS) Refugee Data Center (RDC) for refugees applying for SSN when SSA cannot verify refugee status through an online Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlement (SAVE) query. 

ORR had been receiving reports that social security offices throughout the country were issuing restricted cards to refugees. Refugees should receive unrestricted social security cards.

ORR is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, asylees will be eligible for refugee assistance and services beginning on the date that they are granted asylum.

Dear Colleague Letter

State Letter 15-06

LGBT Resources and Information
June 18, 2015

State Letter 15-06

Categories of Guidance and Informational Documents Released by ORR

Dear Colleague Letter 16-01
November 19, 2015

ORR explains new categories of guidance and informational documents issued to stakeholders and the public.

This State Letter provides information regarding current SSA verification procedures for refugees, asylees, Cuban/Haitian entrants, and victims of a severe form of trafficking.

ORR is issuing this State Letter to ensure that eligible populations are not denied ORR-funded assistance and services because they have not yet received social security numbers.