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400 - Refugee Resettlement Program

Title 45--Public Welfare

Published: April 5, 2012
Cash and Medical Assistance, Public/Private Partnership
Resettlement, Citizenship, Employment, Economic Development, Integration
Legal Document, Regulation



400.1 Basis and purpose of the program

400.2 Definitions

400.4 Purpose of the plan

400.5 Content of the plan

400.7 Submittal of the State plan and plan amendments for Governor's review

400.8 Approval of State plans and plan amendments

400.9 Administrative review of decisions on approval of State plans and plan amendments

400.11 Award of Grants to States

400.12 Adverse determinations concerning State grants

400.13 Cost allocation

400.22 Responsibility of the State agency

400.23 Hearings

400.25 Residency requirements

400.27 Safeguarding and sharing of information

400.28 Maintenance of records and reports

400.40 Scope

400.41 Definitions

400.43 Requirements for documentation of refugee status

400.44 Restriction

400.45 Requirements for the operation of an AFDC-type RCA program

400.48 Basis and scope

400.49 Recovery of overpayments and correction of underpayments

400.50 Opportunity to apply for cash assistance

400.51 Determination of eligibility under other programs

400.52 Emergency cash assistance to refugees

400.53 General eligibility requirements

400.54 Notice and hearings

400.55 Availability of agency policies

400.56 Structure

400.57 Planning and consultation process

400.58 Content and submission of public/private RCA plan

400.59 Eligibility for the public/private RCA program

400.60 Payment levels

400.61 Services to public/private RCA recipients

400.62 Treatment of eligible secondary migrants, asylees, and Cuban/Haitian entrants

400.63 Preparation of local resettlement agencies

400.65 Continuation of a publicly-administered RCA program

400.66 Eligibility and payment levels in a publicly-administered RCA program

400.67 Non-applicable TANF requirements

400.68 Notification to local resettlement agency

400.69 Alternative RCA programs

400.70 Basis and scope

400.71 Definitions

400.72 Arrangements for employability services

400.75 Registration for employment services, participation in employability service programs and targeted assistance programs, going to job interviews, and acceptance of appropriate offers of employment

400.76 Criteria for exemption from registration for employment services, participation in employability service programs, and acceptance of appropriate offers of employment

400.77 Effect of quitting employment or failing or refusing to participate in required services

400.79 Development of an employability plan

400.81 Criteria for appropriate employability services and employment

400.82 Failure or refusal to accept employability services or employment

400.83 Mediation and fair hearings

400.90 Basis and scope

400.91 Definitions

400.93 Opportunity to apply for medical assistance

400.94 Determination of eligibility for Medicaid

400.100 General eligibility requirements

400.101 Financial eligibility standards

400.102 Consideration of income and resources

400.103 Coverage of refugees who spend down to State financial eligibility standards

400.104 Continued coverage of recipients who receive increased earnings from employment

400.105 Mandatory services

400.106 Additional services

400.107 Medical screening

400.110 Basis and scope

400.111 Definitions

400.112 Child welfare services for refugee children

400.113 Duration of eligibility

400.115 Establishing legal responsibility

400.116 Service for unaccompanied minors

400.117 Provision of care and services

400.118 Case planning

400.119 Interstate movement

400.120 Reporting requirements

400.140 Basis and scope

400.141 Definitions

400.145 Opportunity to apply for services

400.146 Use of funds

400.147 Priority in provision of services

400.148 Purchase of services

400.150 General eligibility requirements

400.152 Limitations on eligibility for services

400.154 Employability services

400.155 Other services

400.156 Service requirements

400.200 Scope

400.202 Extent of Federal funding

400.203 Federal funding for cash assistance

400.204 Federal funding for medical assistance

400.205 Federal funding for assistance and services for unaccompanied minors

400.206 Federal funding for social services and targeted assistance services

400.207 Federal funding for administrative costs

400.208 Claims involving family units which include both refugees and nonrefugees

400.209 Claims involving family units which include refugees who have been in the United States more than 36 months

400.210 Time limits for obligating and expending funds and for filing State claims

400.211 Methodology to be used to determine time-eligibility of refugees

400.212 Restrictions in the use of funds

400.220 Counting time-eligibility of refugees

400.300 Waivers

400.301 Withdrawal from the refugee program

400.310 Basis and scope

400.311 Definitions

400.312 Opportunity to apply for services

400.313 Use of funds

400.314 Priority in provision of services

400.315 General eligibility requirements

400.316 Scope of targeted assistance services

400.317 Service requirements

400.318 Eligible grantees

400.319 Allocation of funds

Last Reviewed: December 16, 2015
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