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Asylee Eligibility for Assistance and Services Through the Office of Refugee Resettlement

Published: October 5, 2012

If you have been granted asylum in the United States, you may be eligible to receive assistance and services through the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).  ORR funds and administers programs to help refugees, asylees and other special populations restart their lives in the United States.  Programs include cash and medical assistance, employment preparation and job placement, and English language training, and are run by state and private agencies in various locations throughout the United States.  Each state may have different programs available. 

To find assistance and services near you, please click on your state on the ORR resource map.

Additional information is available below:

Language Title
English Asylee Eligibility for Assistance and Services (DOC 46KB, PDF 125KB)
Albanian (Shqipe) Kushtet e kualifikimit p ër ndihm ë dhe sh ërbime n ëp ërmjet (DOC 33KB, PDF 70KB)
Amharic (PDF 45KB)
Arabic (عربي) أستحقاق واهلية اللاجئ للمساعدةِ والخدماتِ من خلال مكتبِ إعادةِ إستيطان اللاجىء (DOC 78KB, PDF 246KB)
Chinese (繁體中文) 避難者得到援助和服務的資格 (DOC 32KB, PDF 110KB)
French (Français) Eligibilité des réfugiés à l’assistance et aux services (DOC 29KB, PDF 89KB)
Haitian Creole (Krèyol) Elijibilite pou Asistans ak Sèvis (DOC 31KB, PDF 11KB)
Persian/Farsi فارسی شرایط لازم برای برخورداری از کمک و خدمات دفت اسکان مجدد پناهندگان (DOC 30KB, PDF 253KB)
Spanish (Español) Elegibilidad de personas bajo asilo para asistencia y servicios (DOC 52KB, PDF 135KB)

Eligibility for ORR Programs

Social Security Numbers

Employment Eligibility Requirements

Other Information

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2018
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