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ORR Funded Programs Key Contacts

Published: December 3, 2019
Cash and Medical Assistance

State Refugee Coordinator (Interim): Stella Knight 251.424.1550 
State Refugee Health Coordinator (Interim): Stella Knight 251.424.1550
State Website: Catholic Social Services of Mobile

State Refugee Coordinator: Issa Spatrisano 907.222.7341
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Hayat Khalaf 907.339.0488 x6
State Website: Catholic Social Services Alaska

State Refugee Coordinator: Charles Shipman 602.542.6614
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Juliana Davis 602.542.6045
State Website: Arizona Refugee Resettlement Program

State Refugee Coordinator: Kristie Hayes 501.682.8256
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Leonard Ntaate Mukasa 501.280.4106
State Website: Arkansas Department of Human Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Kathy Yang 916.651.1198
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Christine Murto 916.552.8264
State Website: California Refugee Programs Bureau

State Refugee Coordinator: Noyes Combes 303.863.8040
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Carol Tumaylle 303.863.8217
State Website: Colorado Refugee Services Program

State Refugee Coordinator (Interim): Carlene Taylor
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Alison Stratton 860.509.7375
State Website: CT Refugee Assistance Program

State Refugee Coordinator: Tiffany Townsend Warrick 302.255.9555
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Tiffany Townsend Warrick 302.255.9555
State Website: Division of Social Services

District of Columbia
State Refugee Coordinator: Debra Crawford 202.299.2153
State Website: DC Department of Human Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Patti Grogan 850.717.4196
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Sue Higgins 850.245.4444 x3809
State Website: Florida Department of Children and Families

State Refugee Coordinator: Michael Singleton 404.657.5118
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Monica L. Vargas 404.679.4981
State Website: Georgia Department of Human Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Jovanie Domingo de la Cruz 808.586.8681
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Wilfredo Tungol 808.586.4110
State Website: Hawaii Refugee and Entrant Assistance Program

State Refugee Coordinator: Tara Wolfson 208.955.6527
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Collin Elias 208.334.0696
State Website: Idaho Office for Refugees

State Refugee Coordinator: Lisa Robinson
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Chantel Snelling 312.814.1538
State Website: Illinois Refugee & Immigrant Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Matthew Schomburg 855.673.0193 x5831
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Alicia Earnest 317.234.7252
State Website: Indiana Refugee Health Program

State Refugee Coordinator: Mak Suceska 515.875.5615
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jessica Schultz 
State Website: IA Dept of Human Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Jennifer Doran-Pena 316.201.1804
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Shannon Olsen 316.932.1027 x105
State Website: IRC KSOR site

State Refugee Coordinator: Becky Jordan 502.873.2560 x250
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Rebecca Ford 502.873.2554
State Website: Kentucky Office for Refugees

State Refugee Coordinator: Ann Sperry 225.376.6838
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Kimberly Brent 225.342.0057
State Website: Louisiana Office for Refugees

State Refugee Coordinator: Tarlan Ahmadov 207.523.2729
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Inza Ouattara 207.773.9244
State Website: Office of Maine Refugee Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Myat Lin 410.767.7344
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Dipti D. Shah 410.767.6664
State Website: Maryland Office for Refugees and Asylees

State Refugee Coordinator: Mary Truong 617.727.7888
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jennifer Cochran 617.983.6596
State Website: MA Office for Refugees and Immigrants

State Refugee Coordinator: Ben Cabanaw 517.512.5668
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Al Horn 517.241.7819
State Website: Office of Global Michigan-Refugee Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Rachele King 651.431.3837
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Blain Mamo 651.201.5535
State Website: Minnesota Refugee Resettlement Programs Office

State Refugee Coordinator: Karen Flowers 601.576.1591
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Karen Flowers 601.576.1591
State Website: Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Paul Costigan 314.773.9090 x162
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Chelsey Butchereit 314.656.7003 x6008
State Website: International Institute of St. Louis-Missouri Office of Refugee Administration

State Refugee Coordinator: Katherine Quittenton 406.444.3868
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Katherine Quittenton 406.444.3868

State Refugee Coordinator: Layla Younis 402.560.4464
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Yen Cao 402.480.0373
State Website: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Carisa Lopez.Ramirez 702.387.2266
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Tami Bruno 702.387.2286
State Website: Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Immigration and Refugee Services

New Hampshire
State Refugee Coordinator: Barbara Seebart 603.271.6361
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Laura McGlashan 603.271.2688
State Website: NH Refugee Program

New Jersey
State Refugee Coordinator: Renee Ingram 609.588.2155
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Marie Snyder 609.588.2176

New Mexico
State Refuge Coordinator: Megan Heurion 505.827.7258
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Karen Gonzales 505.476.3076
State Website: New Mexico Human Services Department

New York
State Refugee Coordinator: Deborah Stewart 518.402.3096
State Refugee Health Coordinators: (Upstate and Long Island) Patricia Kirshenbaum 518.474.7000 | (NYC) Phillip Plessas 518.474.5764
State Website: NY Refugee Services

North Carolina
State Refugee Coordinator: Lynne Little 919.527.6303
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jennifer Reed Morillo 919.755.3181
State Website: NC Department of Health and Human Services

North Dakota
State Refugee Coordinator (Interim): Dan Hannaher 701.271.1604
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Dipshikha Sharma 701-936-0742
State Website: Lutheran Social Services North Dakota New Americans

State Refugee Coordinator: Jennifer R. Johnson 614.644.1174
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Sandra Hollingsworth 614.752.2953
State Website: Ohio Refugee Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Melanie Silva 405.521.4402
State Website: Oklahoma Department of Human Services

State Refugee Coordinator (Interim): Claire Seguin
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Tony Scott 503.947.5261
State Website: Oregon Refugee Program

State Refugee Coordinator: Charlotte Fry 717.346.1095
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Leena Anil 717.547.3505
State Website: PA Refugee Resettlement Program

Rhode Island
State Refugee Coordinator: Frederick Sneesby 401.462.1669
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Carmen Boucher 401.222.5626
State Website: RI Refugee Assistance Program

South Carolina
State Refugee Coordinator: (Main) Cynthia Benjamin 803.898.9004 (Alternate) Dana Outlaw 803.898.9473
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Michael J. Kacka 803.898.3923
State Website: South Carolina Department of Social Services

South Dakota
State Refugee Coordinator: Tim Jurgens 605.731.2015
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Kristin Rounds 605.773.4470, Bev Wilson 605.773.8090

State Refugee Coordinator: Louisa Saratora 615.354.6287
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Frances Anderson 615.354.9469
State Website: Tennessee Office for Refugees


Regional Replacement Designee (RRD) Region 1: Abilene, Amarillo, Midland, El Paso - West Texas Office For Refugees 434.284.1225
Region 1 Website: International Rescue Committee
Region 1 Regional Refugee Coordinator: Susan Donovan (Interim) 434.284.1225 
RRD Region 2: Dallas, Ft. Worth - Catholic Charities Fort Worth 817.534.0814
Region 2 Website: North Texas Office for Refugee, Catholic Charities Diocese of Fort Worth
Region 2 Regional Refugee Coordinator: Jeff Demers 817.289.3898/817.771.2538
RRD Region 3: Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio - Central Texas Office for Refugees 512.277.6842
Region 3 Website: Refugee Services of Texas - Austin
Region 3 Regional Refugee Coordinator: Laila Amara 512.598.0457
RRD Region 4: Houston - YMCA of Greater Houston 713.758.9251
Region 4 Website: South Texas Office for Refugees/YMCA of Greater Houston
Region 4 Regional Refugee Coordinator: Kimberly Haynes 713.758.9272
Medical RD - Statewide Jessica Montour U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) 512.256.3310 X6000
Medical RD Website:

State Refugee Coordinator: Gerald Brown 801.703.4845
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Hayder Allkhenfr 801.259.5204
State Website: Utah Refugee Services Office

State Refugee Coordinator: Denise Lamoureux 802.241.0429
State Refugee Health Coordinator (Interim): Edwin DeMott 802.951.1238
State Website: VT State Refugee Coordinator

State Refugee Coordinator: Seyoum Berhe 804.726.7927
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jill Grumbine 804.864.7911
State Website: VA Department Social Services

State Refugee Coordinator: Sarah K. Peterson 206.568.5568
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jasmine Matheson 206.418.5500

West Virginia
State Refugee Coordinator: Janee Scott 304.235.4680 x2075

State Refugee Coordinator: Bojana Zoric Martinez 414.270.4707
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Savitri J. Tsering 608.267.3733
State Website: Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Last Reviewed: October 26, 2020