Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program

“It’s a model for the nation, for the world”

--First Lady Michelle Obama, on her April 15, 2010 visit to the New Roots Community Farm in San Diego,
a program developed by RAPP grantee the International Rescue Committee of San Diego

A focus of the Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program (RAPP) is to integrate refugees into the movement sweeping across the United States, to improve the supply and quality of food in urban and rural areas. Refugees—as potential farmers or producers of healthier foods—can make a big impact in their own families and communities at large, bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to the table, and strengthening their own health and well being.

RAPP has evolved into a program with multiple objectives that include creating supplemental and often sustainable income for families, providing an adequate supply of healthy foods in a community, supporting better physical and mental health, encouraging greater community integration, and developing the capacity of organizations to access programs offered by the USDA and other federal services and resources.

There is widespread interest among refugee and other community based organizations across this country in participating in this movement. By promoting community and school gardens, small acreage farming, farm to school programs, and health and nutrition classes, refugee farmers and gardeners achieve better utilization of farmers markets to purchase or even sell fresh produce. They also cooperate with local food banks to provide better access to fresh produce for other refugee families living in places with an inadequate number of healthy food outlets, areas known as food deserts.

The Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program encourages partnerships at all levels. ORR’s partnership with USDA ( has improved understanding and access to USDA programs and resources, by organizations serving refugees and refugees themselves. A link to RAPP is on the “Know Your Farmer Know Your Food” blog site.

Collaboration with private foundations and other organizations has helped incorporate refugees into the mainstream of the sustainable food movement. Local organizations have been effective because of their ability to adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities of their individual communities, and because of multiple partnerships and collaboration with Cooperative Extension and other public and private organizations.

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Join the RAPP listserve Visit disclaimer page , with more than 230 subscribers across the country, sharing tips, success stories, and more information about their agricultural projects—with, for and by refugees! Also be sure to check out ORR’s technical assistance partner,

List of New Grantees – FY2019 

IRC New York NY 9/29/2019 $100,000 Tyler George-Minetti
International Rescue Committee New York NY 9/29/2019 $99,681 Lisa Welze
Journey's End Refugee Services Buffalo NY 9/29/2019 $100,000 Jenna Walczak
International Rescue Committee New York NY 9/29/2019 $100,000 Brooke Ray
434-979-7772 x115
Lutheran Social Services of Colorado Denver CO 9/29/2019 $99,997 Zoey Fink
Catholic Charities of Louisville Louisville KY 9/29/2019 $94,897 Laura Stevens
502-873-2566 x256
Association of Africans Living in Vermont Burlington VT 9/29/2019 $98,312 Yacouba Bogre
International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis St. Louis MO 9/29/2019 $100,000 Suzanne LeLaurin
314-773-9090 x150
International Rescue Committee New York NY 9/29/2019 $100,000 Katrina Martinez
USCRI Silver Spring MD 9/29/2019 $100,000 Karin Wishner
216-781-4560 x5010
Global Growers Network, Inc. Avondale Estates GA 9/29/2019 $99,979 Barret Smith
404-254-6175 x705
Catholic Social Services, Inc. Anchorage AK 9/29/2019 $90,000 Elizabeth Krauszer
Refugee and Immigrant Self-Empowerment Syracuse NY 9/29/2019 $99,655 Brandy Colebrook
Pacific Gateway Center Honolulu HI 9/29/2019 $100,000 Terrina Wong
Southside Community Land Trust Providence RI 9/29/2019 $99,825 Andrew Cook
401-273-9419 x109

Funding Opportunities

Contact Information

Yimeem Vu
RAPP Program Manager
Office of Refugee Resettlement
Administration for Children and Families
Mary E. Switzer Building
330 C Street, SW
Washington DC 20201
Phone: 202.401.4825
Fax: 202.401.5487