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State Letter #00-16

Final Notices of FY 2000 Social Service and Targeted Assistance Formula Allocations

Published: August 3, 2000


FROM: Lavinia Limon, Director
Office of Refugee Resettlement

SUBJECT: Final Notices of FY 2000 Social Service and Targeted Assistance Formula Allocations

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) final notices of FY 2000 social service and targeted assistance formula allocations to States were published on Thursday, August 3, 2000, in the Federal Register (65 FR 47747).

Targeted Assistance

The final notice does not differ significantly from the proposed notice that was published in the Federal Register on May 1, 2000, except that the final notice reflects adjustments in final allocations to States as a result of additional arrival data.

The format of the final notice follows the required Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Uniform Project Description (UPD). In preparing the targeted assistance formula program continuation applications, States should pay close attention to the following sections in the final notice: Part III, Use of Funds, pages 47753-54; Part VIII, Application and Implementation Process, pages 47754-55; Part IX, Results or Benefits Expected, pages 47754-55; and Reporting requirements, page 47755.


Table 1 on pages 47755-56 contains an error in the final allocation amount listed for #24 Kent County, Michigan. The amount is listed as $347,432. The correct amount is $347,423.

Application Deadline

The deadline for all targeted assistance formula applications is Tuesday, September 5, 2000. Original signed applications with 2 copies must be received by the Office of

Refugee Resettlement on or before the deadline to be considered timely. Mail applications to: Gayle Smith, Director, Division of Refugee Self-Sufficiency, 370 L'Enfant Promenade, SW, Sixth floor, Washington, DC 20447.

Questions regarding the targeted assistance notice should be directed to Gayle Smith, Director, Division of Refugee Self-Sufficiency, at (202) 205-3590, or to Ron Munia, Program Analyst, at (202) 401-4559.

Social Services

Please note that this notice also includes a $15.5 million set-aside to: (1) Provide outreach and referral to ensure that eligible refugees access the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and other programs for low income working populations; and (2) provide specialized interpreter training and the hiring of interpreters to enable refugees to have equal access to medical and legal services. States should include a report of activities funded through set-aside funds in the narrative portion of the Quarterly Performance Report, including the names of agencies funded to provide the services and the outcomes (e.g., number of staff trained, number of clients assisted to enroll in low income programs and SCHIP).

States receiving social services formula must apply for these funds. The application is the Annual Services Plan (copy attached), which is due at ORR on November 15 of each year as part of the fourth quarter Quarterly Performance Report. Please refer to the enclosed instructions for completion of the Annual Services Plan.

Questions regarding the social service notice should be directed to Barbara Chesnik, Program Analyst, Division of Refugee Self-Sufficiency, at (202) 401-4558, or to Gayle Smith, Director, Division of Refugee Self-Sufficiency, at (202) 205-3590.

Impact of Asylee Policy Change on Formula Allocations

ORR is in the process of consulting with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in order to receive statistical data on asylees. If ORR is able to obtain asylee data from the INS, ORR will include the data in the formula allocations for social services and targeted assistance next year. However, if ORR is unable to obtain asylee data from the INS, States will need to submit to ORR the names and pertinent information (similar to that provided on the ORR-11) of the asylees that they have served. States are advised to begin keeping data on all asylees served in ORR-funded formula social services programs so that States may provide this information to ORR, if necessary.

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