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State Letter #08-02

Revised ORR-6 Performance Report

Published: December 20, 2007
State Letter

Wilson-Fish Agencies

FROM: Brent Orrell
Acting Director
Office of Refugee Resettlement

SUBJECT: Revised ORR-6 Performance Report

Purpose: To introduce States and Wilson-Fish Agencies to the new version of the ORR-6 Performance Report.

Since 1982, the ORR-6 Performance Report (OMB No. 0970-0036) has been the primary reporting mechanism for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). The ORR-6 Performance Report is intended to capture quantitative and qualitative data regarding ORR’s two primary functions – namely, to provide funding for temporary cash and medical assistance to eligible populations who do not qualify for other categories of assistance and to provide funding for social services, especially employment services and English language training, so that refugees can become self-sufficient. This reporting instrument has enabled ORR to effectively monitor and evaluate refugee assistance and services provided to eligible populations.

After considerable discussion within ORR, lengthy consultations with States and Wilson-Fish agencies, and comments received from refugee service providers, ORR has revised the ORR-6 Performance Report which expired in FY2007. The revised ORR-6 is a step in the direction of more consistent reporting across different ORR collection mechanisms. The revised reporting measure aims to provide refugee programs with an instrument that captures participation and performance statistics on a trimester reporting basis while maintaining a consistent system of data collection. The improved reporting instrument is also intended to strengthen performance outcome information and to clarify ambiguities that have arisen over certain definitions and terminology.

In an effort to streamline the information collection process, the revised ORR-6 will change from a quarterly reporting schedule to a trimester reporting schedule. The date of the first trimester report is March 1, 2008, which will cover the first trimester period from October 1, 2007 through January 31, 2008. Each trimester report is due 30 days after the four month reporting period. Specifically, the due dates for the trimester reports are as follows: March 1 (October – January), June 30 (February – May), and October 31 (June – September). The revised ORR-6 Performance Report applies to Refugee Social Services, Formula Targeted Assistance Program (TAP), and Targeted Assistance Discretionary Grants.

The instructions for the ORR-6 Annual Service Plan have also been revised, and the Annual Service Plan will be due every year on October 31 beginning in FY09.

The revised ORR-6 clarifies certain definitions, including the terms “employability services” and “employment services.” The revised instructions make clear that Schedule C: Page 1 is for reporting information on participation levels of “Employment Services” as defined by 45 CFR 400.154 (a) ONLY, and Schedule C: Page 2 is for reporting information on participation levels of “Employability Services” as defined by 45 CFR 400.154 (b) through (k). This clarification will also assist in the completion of the Annual Outcome Goal Plan. We have also removed the requirement to report cash assistance reductions on Schedule C: Page 1, and clarified the definition of “grant terminations” in the improved ORR-6 instructions.

To further streamline the reporting process, ORR will no longer require States and Wilson-Fish agencies to supply program expenditures as part of the revised ORR-6. Also, the term “Preventive Health” found in the instructions and on Schedule B has been replaced by the term “medical screening,” requesting States and Wilson-Fish agencies to report the number of medical screening participants. States and Wilson-Fish agencies are encouraged to report on health assessments, refugee medical conditions, and efforts to address medical and health-related concerns in the Schedule A: Narrative of the revised reporting instrument.

The ORR-6 Performance Report is a continual work in progress, and, therefore, ORR would appreciate any feedback you may have when submitting the first reports. We are always eager to improve our reporting instruments for accuracy and ease of reporting. Thank you for your support and continual cooperation.

Please thoroughly review the attached instructions and forms for the revised ORR-6 Performance Report and the ORR-6 Annual Service Plan. The enclosed documents provide essential information for completing the improved reporting instrument. The reports should be submitted to your State Analyst upon completion. We are prepared to accept electronic or hard copy submissions of the report forms.

If you have questions, you may address them to Olivia Byler, by email at Olivia.Byler@acf.hhs.gov or by telephone at (202) 260-7143. You may also contact Pam Green-Smith, Director, Division of Refugee Assistance, by email at Pamela.Greensmith@acf.hhs.gov or by telephone at (202) 401-4531.


  1. Revised Instructions for ORR-6 Performance Report (doc 87KB)
  2. Revised Form ORR-6 Performance Report (doc 164KB)
  3. Revised Instructions for the Annual Service Plan (doc 45KB)
  4. Revised Form ORR-6 Annual Service Plan (doc 481KB)
Last Reviewed: May 9, 2019
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