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State Letter #10-04

Submission of ORR-1 Cash and Medical Assistance (CMA) Program

Published: April 9, 2010
Cash and Medical Assistance
State Letter


FROM: Eskinder Negash
Office of Refugee Resettlement

SUBJECT: Submission of ORR-1 Cash and Medical Assistance (CMA) Program Estimates Through the Administration for Children and Families’ On-Line Data Collection Website

On-Line Report Submission

Last year, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) introduced electronic submission of required grantee reports (State Letter #09-18, March 27, 2009). The first form that was made available to grantees on the On-Line Data Collection (OLDC) website was the quarterly Financial Status Report (SF-269) for the Social Services and Targeted Assistance formula grants. As was noted at the time, ORR intends that additional ORR reporting forms will become available to grantees on the OLDC website in the future. The Online Data Collection (OLDC) system is a convenient, easy, and environmentally friendly method for grantees to submit required forms.

The ORR-1 CMA Program Estimates Form

The ORR-1 CMA Program Estimates Form is now available on the OLDC website. The form as it appears on the OLDC website closely resembles the current ORR-1 form as it appears on the ORR website. On the OLDC website, instructions on entering data into the ORR-1 form may be accessed by clicking on row and column headings. Cost estimate data are entered directly into the form; the form can then be submitted to ORR through the OLDC website. The ORR-1 is an OMB-approved data collection instrument. The OMB Control Number is 0970-0030 and the expiration date is 2/28/2011.

The ORR-1 CMA Program Estimates form will be available continuously on the OLDC website so that grantees may submit both initial and revised estimates, if revisions to cost estimates are necessary, through this system. Grantees may begin using the form immediately for any FY 2010 CMA Program Estimate revisions that may be necessary. The On-Line Data Collection system also allows attachments (in either Word or Excel) to be submitted with the form to accommodate justifications for increases in cost estimates.

Accessing OLDC

To begin submitting CMA cost estimate data through the OLDC system, each grantee must submit an OLDC Request Form to ORR for each staff person who will be accessing the system. A copy of the form is attached.

On the form, grantees must select a “Job Type” for each staff person who will be accessing OLDC. Each “Job Type” establishes the roles that allow access to OLDC screens but restrict that access to the duties and responsibilities of the staff member. In addition, OLDC allows for additional “Roles” to be assigned to staff to allow grantees to tailor access to the system in a way that is consistent with their organizational structure.

Please note that there are two roles that are not automatically assigned as part of a specific “Job Type.” Those roles are “Submit” (sends the electronic form to ORR) and “Unsubmit” (returns the submitted form to the grantee for changes). Please be sure to indicate on the forms the appropriate person(s) to receive the “Submit” and “Unsubmit” roles.

A copy of the Help Sheet “Grantee Roles” is also attached to this letter. This information is provided to help you determine the “Job Type” for each member of your staff who will be working with the ORR-1 in OLDC and any additional roles that may need to be assigned to each person. For instance, a grantee might select the job type of “Data Entry” for one staff person who will enter the estimates in the form and the job type of “Authorized Official” for the person who will electronically sign the form. A grantee might then assign the roles of “Submit” and “Unsubmit” to the Authorized Official. Grantees may decide how many staff they wish to have access to the OLDC system and what roles they wish them to have.

Please return the OLDC Request Form to Trudi Grant. You may attach the completed form(s) to an e-mail message and send it to Trudi.Grant@acf.hhs.gov or fax it to her attention at (202) 401-0981. An e-mail message with the OLDC User ID and password will be sent to each person who will be accessing OLDC.

Additional Information

Additional information on logging into, and using the system, is attached to this State Letter. In addition to these attached Help Sheets, the OLDC system also provides a tutorial to assist you.

ORR staff look forward to working with you and your staff in shifting to electronic submission of your reporting requirements. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Donnelly at (202) 401-5646 or Sarah.Donnelly@acf.hhs.gov, Henley Portner at (202) 401-5363 or Henley.Portner@acf.hhs.gov, Trudi Grant at (202) 401-9250 or Trudi.Grant@acf.hhs.gov, or your ORR State Analyst.


Last Reviewed: May 8, 2019
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