Abdikadir Osman - Fatuma Restaurant

April 30, 2019
Abdikadir Osman - Fatuma Restaurant success story thumbnail

Abdikadir Osman's journey in San Diego began in 1990. He worked several jobs over the years in various industries but wanted to be his own boss and find a reliable way to support his growing family.

He started with a small grocery store in 1998, where he quickly became a well-respected business-man within the Somali community. In 2006, with help from the IRC Microenterprise Program, he expanded into the restaurant industry with the opening of the widely popular Safari Grill Restaurant on University Ave. Most recently, Safari Grill Restaurant has merged with a local pizza restaurant to become Fatuma Restaurant. Fatuma Restaurant offers the same traditional Somali fare as Safari Grill, but Fatuma's also has tasty, affordable halal pizza along with various other Mediterranean Options.

The IRC Microenterprise Program currently provides ongoing technical assistance to Abdikadir.

For more information visit the ORR Microenterprise Development Program page.