A Bright Future

April 30, 2019

A Bright FutureAlen Madesko and Semsija Music are a young couple with a new home and a very bright future. With good educations and jobs, five years of happy marriage, and two children of their own, Alen and Semsija now can add homeownership to their accomplishments.

Alen and Semsija were both born in Bosnia and moved to Bowling Green, KY, as refugees. Their families did not know each other, and they went to different high schools, but they met while working for the same company and married in 2007. Alen and Semsija both have close families and soon had children of their own. In November, 2010, they enrolled in the Bowling Green International Center’s Individual Development Account (IDA) program and began to save for their first home.

After completing the educational requirements of the IDA program and reaching their savings goal in their IDA account, Alen and Semsija moved into their first home in February, 2012. Their home is comfortable and neat, with plenty of room for a young family and relatives nearby. In the future, Alen and Semsija might like to start their own business and possibly move to a larger home as their family grows. For now, though, they are happy to enjoy their successes and each other.