ACF’s FY 2019 Congressional Justification is Available Online

The FY 2019 budget request for the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Programs is $18.8 million, $127,366 above the FY 2018 Continuing Resolution level. Of this amount, $13 million is for Foreign Victims of Trafficking and $5.8 million is for the Domestic Trafficking Victims Program.  In FY 2019, ACF will continue funding case management services and benefits for victims of trafficking, support the next phase of the human trafficking data collection project, expand collaborations to prevent human trafficking, and strengthen partnerships to increase calls to and referrals by the National Human Trafficking Hotline.  See pages 72-28 of the Congressional Justification for more information on program description and accomplishments in the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Programs.

Additional references to victims of trafficking are noted in other sections including the Transitional and Medical Services program, Refugee Support Services program,  Service Connection for Youth on the Streets, Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Grants, Foster Care and Permanency Programs, and the Foster Care, Adoption Assistance and Guardianship Assistance Programs.

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