Requesting Your Comments: Addressing the Sex Trafficking of Children & Youth

National Advisory Committee Members MeetingThe National Advisory Committee on the Sex Trafficking of Children and Youth in the US is working on recommended best practices for States to follow to combat the sex trafficking of children and youth based on multidisciplinary research and promising, evidence-based models, and programs. 

The members of the Committee request any examples and comments from the public to inform their work and have also requested input on the following specific topics pertaining to combating the sex trafficking of children and youth in the United States: 

  • Screening and Identification
    • Intersections with interpersonal violence
    • Screening protocols and tools used to identify victims, including information on tool validation, protocol evaluation, and other related documentation
  • Service Provision
    • Multi-agency response protocols and models for multi-disciplinary collaboration
    • Evaluated training curricula for service providers on working with exploited youth
    • Specialized service models for exploited youth, including but not limited to, case management, mental health and primary care services
  • Housing
    • Prevention efforts of public housing authorities
  • Prevention
    • Initiatives of city, county, and state public health departments
  • Data
    • Strategies for state Medicaid offices to collect quality measures regarding violence or exploitation
    • Data collection policies for documenting, protecting and, if applicable, sharing records and information
  • Child Welfare
    • Evidence-informed or -based training curricula on identifying exploitation and working with exploited youth (for child welfare providers, child and youth service providers, and foster parents)
    • Child welfare policies and procedures for identifying and responding to trafficking
    • Screening tools used in child welfare agencies (please indicate whether the tool has been validated) 
    • Interagency data sharing agreements that pertain to child sex trafficking cases
    • Specialized foster care models
    • Residential treatment models and admission/discharge criteria
    • State and federal non-IV-E funding sources for prevention, training, and/or services

Please submit your examples and/or comments to with the subject “NAC Comments” as soon as possible and before August 15. 

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