National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project Publication Announcement: Public Benefits Available to Immigrant Survivors

Borrowed from the National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project:

National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project (NIWAP) is proud to announce the publication of our Interactive Public Benefits Map and State-by-State Public Benefits Charts. The map and accompanying charts break down the types of public benefits available to immigrant survivors and immigrant children, based the victim’s or the child’s immigration status, the type of immigration case the victim may have filed, and the state in which the immigrant resides. NIWAP also developed a guide for using these tools.

This tool is the first of its kind in the country that includes citations to state and federal laws and policies and links to government websites. NIWAP hopes that these resources can support immigrant survivors and the people who work with them.

Immigrant victims face many barriers, including a systemic lack of knowledge around which public benefits survivors and their children may be eligible for. Accessing public benefits can help survivors leave abusive situations and access the resources, services, and support they need to improve their lives and their children’s lives.

The map was developed to provide a simple tool to help professionals quickly screen and identify immigrant survivors who may be eligible for benefits in each state. For those who work with immigrant survivors and children but may not be legal experts on public benefits access for immigrants, the map simplifies eligibility to ensure the tool is accessible for everyone.

The state charts offer in-depth legal information on federal and state public benefits, including extensive citations and links to policies. Advocates and attorneys who accompany eligible immigrants applying for benefits can obtain information on the state and federal laws and links to documents useful to take with you and show public benefits agency staff to prove the immigrant survivor or child’s eligibility.

If you need help further understanding public benefits for immigrant survivors, NIWAP can assist you through our technical assistance program. Call 202-274-4457 or email

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