Super Bowl LIV: An Opportunity to Raise Awareness about Human Trafficking

Myth: Human Trafficking is not in my community. Truth: 30,000+ cases of potential human trafficking reports in all 50 states, DC

Human trafficking happens in all states, DC, and US territories regardless of the time of year but it is wise for cities facing natural disasters or hosting large events (like the Super Bowl) to plan ahead to raise awareness about the risk factors that could lead to human trafficking – and to make sure everyone is aware that the National Human Trafficking Hotline is here to help.

The Hotline builds relationships with tasks forces and local organizations to ensure that protocols are in place before a potential influx of calls, texts, or chats. In preparation for Super Bowl LIV, the Hotline coordinated with the South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force and the Women’s Fund in Miami-Dade to streamline messaging and awareness activities. Get to know your local organizations listed in the Hotline’s referral database.

More ongoing HHS efforts to build capacity to address trafficking in the state of Florida:

Learn 10 ways you can help end trafficking in your community.

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