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State & Territory Profiles: Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

Also available in Spanish

Published: January 10, 2018
State Profile for New Jersey
Each state and territory profile is available in English and Spanish below.

The U.S. State and Territory Profiles provide an overview of anti-trafficking activities and resources in each state and territory to help promote collaboration and inform and enhance the response to trafficking in each context. These snapshots of tailored information use statistics from the National Human Trafficking Hotline, including the number of cases reported, number of persons trafficked, demographic information about potential victims, and the locations where instances of trafficking occurred. The profiles also contain information about state and territorial trafficking laws, as well as public resources, including collaborations, task forces, research, and publications available to help professionals who many encounter victims respond to trafficking.

The profiles were created by the National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center in coordination with the National Human Trafficking Hotline in order to complement the SOAR to Health and Wellness Training.


Last Reviewed: June 17, 2019

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