Announcing 24/7 Chat & Text for the National Human Trafficking Hotline

February 7, 2018

Content from the Hotline’s announcement

We are excited to announce that the National Human Trafficking Hotline Visit disclaimer page has added 24/7 SMS texting and online chat services in both English and Spanish!

Previously, human trafficking survivors and people reporting tips could call, email, or use a webform to access the Hotline. Around-the-clock texting and chat capabilities provide additional discreet avenues for survivors to get connected to the National Hotline’s extensive network of support throughout the United States.

Modernizing the National Hotline by adding these services is a critical step because it allows survivors to reach out to us through the mode of communication they are most comfortable with. This is especially crucial for young people experiencing trafficking, who are often more accustomed to texting and chatting than speaking over the phone. These technologies also offer a safer way for victims and survivors to get connected with trained Hotline Advocates, especially in situations when their traffickers are nearby.

The National Hotline is operated by Polaris and funded through a grant from the Office on Trafficking in Persons, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

If your organization is creating any materials that advertise the National Hotline number, we encourage you to include information about the new texting and chat services.