Housing and Economic Mobility Toolkit

Publication Date: December 29, 2020

Housing is a pressing need for those who have left and are attempting to leave human trafficking or other exploitative situations. The Housing and Economic Mobility Toolkit contains four documents intended to provide guiding principles for serving survivors of human trafficking, strategies for developing community partnerships, and clarification about survivors’ eligibility for existing housing resources:

  • Guiding Principles for Working with Survivors of Human Trafficking: An overview of 13 guiding principles for working with survivors of human trafficking.
  • Putting Human Trafficking Survivors at the Center of Faith- and Community-Based Efforts to Promote Economic Mobility: A summary of service delivery approaches.
  • Collaboration Strategies to Help Survivors of Human Trafficking Overcome Barriers to Economic Mobility: An overview of non-traditional partnerships that may strengthen local service networks and expand survivors’ access to housing and employment opportunities.
  • Federal Housing and Homelessness Programs for Human Trafficking Survivors: A detailed summary of how survivors of human trafficking may meet the eligibility requirements for federally funded housing and homelessness programs.