Child Eligibility Letters

Benefits and Services for Foreign National Minors who have Experienced Human Trafficking

Foreign national minors in the United States, including unaccompanied children (UC), who have experienced a severe form of trafficking in persons (forced labor or commercial sex) are eligible for benefits and services under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000, as amended Visit disclaimer page through the issuance of an Eligibility or Interim Assistance Letter from the HHS Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP). These benefits and services (PDF) include access to trafficking-specific case management services, medical services, food assistance, cash assistance, health insurance, and other needs to the same extent as a refugee. 

To learn more about how to report trafficking concerns and request assistance on behalf of a foreign national minor, how child eligibility is determined, or to access additional trafficking prevention and protection resources, select the links below.

Interested in learning more about the child eligibility process and trafficking prevention and protection resources for UC? Attend a child eligibility webinar and view the video below: