PARIS Federal Codes for States

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CD Civilian DOD
CO Civilian OPM
CR Civilian Retired
MA Military Active Duty
MR Military Retired
MV Military Reserved
NF Non-Appropriated Funds
SR Military Retiree Surviving Family Member

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2 Female
F Female
1 Male
M Male
0 Unknown
Z Unknown

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Navy = N
Army = W

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A Army
C Coast Guard
F Air Force
H Public Health Service
M Marine Corps
N Navy
O National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Z Unknown or Not Applicable

AG Army Guard
AV Army Reserve
PV Coast Guard Reserve
FG Air Force Guard
FV Air Force Reserve
MV Marine Reserve
NV Navy Reserve

AF - Department of Air Force
AR - Department of Army
DD - Department of Defense (except Air Force, Army, and Navy)
NV - Department of Navy
1 - Department of Army
2 - Department of Navy
3 - Department of Navy (Marines)
4 - Department of Air Force
5 – Other Department of Defense (except Air Force, Army, and Navy)

AA – Not a unique agency code: Other Commissions, Councils, Boards
1P -- United States Post Office
05 – General Accounting Office
10 – The Judiciary
11 -- Executive Office of the President
12 – Department of Agriculture
13 – Department of Commerce
14 – Department of interior
15 – Department of Justice
16 – Department of Labor
17 – Department of Navy
18 – United States Postal Service
19 – Department of State
20 – Department of Treasury
21 – Department of Army
24 – Office of Personnel Management
26 – Federal Retirement Thrift investment Board
36 – Veterans Administration
41 – Merit Systems Protection Board
45 – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
47 – General Services Administration
54 – Federal Labor Relations Authority
56 --Joint Payroll Office
57 – Department of Air Force
60 -- Railroad Retirement Board
68 – Environmental Protection Agency
69 – Department of Transportation
73 -- Small Business Administration
75 -- Department of Health and Human Services
84 – United States Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home
86 -- Department of Housing and Urban Development
88 -- Social Security Administration
89 – Department of Energy
90 -- Selective Service System
91 – Department of Education
95 -- Not a unique Agency Code: Other Commissions, Councils, Boards
96 – Corps of Engineers, Civil
97 – Office of the Secretary of Defense

AF00 Air Force NAFI
AR00 Army NAFI
DD36 Army/Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
NV23 Naval Supply Systems Command (NEXCOM)
NV27 Marine Corps NAFI

0S00 Office of Government Ethics
AB00 American Battle Monuments Commission
AC00 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
AF01 Air Force Management Engineering Agency
AF02 Air Force Inspection and Safety Center
AF03 Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
AF04 Air Force Communications Agency
AF05 Air Force Intelligence Service
AF06 Air Force Audit Agency
AF07 Air Force Office of Special Investigations
AF08 Air Force Office of Security Police
AF09 Air Force Personnel Center
AF0B US Air Force Academy
AF0D US Air Forces, Europe
AF0I Air Reserve Personnel Center
AF0J Air Training Command
AF0K Air University
AF0M Headquarters, Air Force Reserve
AF0N Immediate Office, Headquarters, USAF
AF0R Pacific Air Forces
AF0U Electronic Security Command
AF0Y Air Force Communications Command
AF10 Air Force Center for Quality and Management Innovation
AF1C Air Combat Command
AF1G Air Force Logistics Management Agency
AF1L Air Mobility Command
AF1M Air Force Materiel Command
AF1Q HQ AF Flight Standards Agency
AF1S Space Command
AF1W Air Force Engineering and Services Center
AF27 Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation
AF28 Air Force Communication and Information Center
AF29 Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness
AF2A Air Force Cost Center
AF2B Air Force Doctrine Center
AF2C Air Force Civilian Personnel Management Center
AF2D Air Force Personnel Operations Agency
AF2E Air Force Legal Services Center
AF2F Air Force Medical Services Center
AF2G Air Force Service Information and News Center
AF2H Air Force Combat Operations Staff
AF2I Air National Guard Support Center
AF2K US Air Force Historical Research Center
AF2L Air Force Technical Applications Center
AF2M Air Force Review Boards Office
AF2N Air Force Center for Studies and Analyses
AF2P Air Force Center for International Programs
AF2Q Air Weather Service
AF2R Air Force Program Executive Office
AF2T Air Force Supply Center
AF2U Air Force Morale, Welfare and Recreation Center
AF2V Air Force Disposal Agency
AF2W Air Force District of Washington
AF2X Air Force Real Estate Agency
AF2Y Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency
AF2Z HQ Air Force Medical Operations Agency
AF34 Air National Guard Units (Mobilization) (Title 5)
AF3C Air Force Elements, US Central Command
AF3D Air Force Elements, US Special Operations Command
AF3G Air Force Elements, Europe
AF3I Reservist, Centrally Managed
AF3L Center for Air Force History
AF3M Air Force Elements, US Southern Command
AF3N Air Force Elements, US Atlantic Command
AF3O Air Force Elements, US Pacific Command
AF3Q Air Force Elements, US Strategic Command
AF3R Air Force Elements, US Readiness Command
AF3S Headquarters, US Space Command and NORAD
AF3T Air Force Elements, US Transportation Command
AF3V Air Force Elements, Other than Europe
AF3W Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence
AF3Y Air Force Frequency Management Center
AF3Z Joint Services Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Agcy
AFNG Air National Guard Units (Title 32)
AFZG US Special Operations Command (ANG, Title 32)
AFZS US Special Operations Command (Air Force)
AG01 Office of the Secretary of Agriculture
AG02 Agricultural Marketing Service
AG03 Agricultural Research Service
AG07 Rural Housing Service
AG08 Risk Management Agency
AG10 Foreign Agricultural Service
AG11 Forest Service
AG13 Office of Communications
AG14 Office of the General Counsel
AG15 Rural Utility Service
AG16 Natural Resources Conservation Service
AG18 Economic Research Service
AG20 National Agricultural Statistics Service
AG22 Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
AG23 Office of the Inspector General
AG30 Food and Nutrition Service
AG32 Rural Business-Cooperative Service
AG34 Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
AG36 Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration
AG37 Food Safety and Inspection Service
AG38 Office of the Chief Economist
AG42 Office of Budget and Program Analysis
AG90 Office of the Chief Financial Officer
AG92 Office of the Administrative Law Judge
AG94 Office of Civil Rights
AG96 Office of Human Resources Management
AG98 Office of Operations
AGAW Alternative Agricultural Research & Commercialization Center
AGCA Board of Contract Appeals
AGDB Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
AGDM Management Support Staff
AGES Office of the Executive Secretariat
AGFA Farm Service Agency
AGIT Office of the Chief Information Officer
AGNA National Appeals Division
AGOA Office of Administrative Support
AGOE Office of Ethics
AGOU Office of Outreach
AGPA Policy, Analysis, and Coordination Center
AGPP Office of Procurement and Property Management
AGSC National Sheep Industry Improvement Center
AH01 National Endowment for the Arts
AH02 National Endowment for the Humanities
AH03 Institute of Museum and Library Services
AI00 US Institute of Peace
AM00 Agency for International Development
AN00 African Development Foundation
AP00 Appalachian Regional Commission
ARAE Acquisition Executive Support Agency
ARAS US Army Intelligence and Security Command
ARAU US Army Audit Agency
ARCB US Army Criminal Investigation Command
ARCD US Army Corps of Engineers (civil program financing only).
ARCE US Army Corps of Engineers (except civil program financing)
ARCS Immediate Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army
ARCZ US Army Information Systems Command
ARE0 59th Ordnance Brigade
ARE1 Immediate Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the US Army
ARE2 21st Theater Army Area Command
ARE3 US Army Southern European Task Force
ARE5 US Army V Corps
AREB 1st Personnel Command
ARED US Military Community Activity, Heidelberg
AREN Seventh Army Training Command
ARFC US Army Forces Command
ARGB Office of the Chief of the National Guard Bureau
ARHR US Army Reserve Command
ARHS US Army Health Services Command
ARJ1 US Army Element SHAPE
ARJA Joint Activities
ARMA US Military Academy
ARMC US Army Medical Command
ARMD Surgeon General
ARMP US Total Army Personnel Command
ARMT Military Traffic Management Command
ARMW US Army Military District of Washington
ARNG Army National Guard Units
ARP1 US Army Pacific
ARP8 Eighth US Army
ARPC Military Entrance Processing Command
ARRC US Army Recruiting Command
ARSA Office of the Secretary of the Army
ARSB Field Operating Offices of the Office of the Secretary Army
ARSC US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command
ARSE Field Operating Agencies of the Army Staff Resourced - OA-22
ARSF Field Operating Agencies of the Army Staff
ARSJ Joint Svcs & Activities Supported by Office, Secretary Army
ARSP US Special Operations Command
ARSS Staff Support Agencies of the Chief of Staff, Army
ARSU US Army Southern Command
ARTC US Army Training and Doctrine Command
ARX2 Headquarters, AMC
ARX3 Headquarters, Staff Support Activities, AMC
ARX4 Training Activities, AMC
ARX5 US Army Materiel Command, All Others
ARX6 US Army Missile Command
ARX7 US Army Tank-Automotive and Armament Command
ARX8 US Army Communications Electronics Command
ARX9 US Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command
ARXA US Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command
ARXB US Army Aviation and Troop Command
ARXC US Army Soldiers System Command
ARXD US Army Research Laboratory Command
ARXK Materiel Acquisition Activities
ARXL Materiel Acquisition Project Managers
ARXM US Army Test and Evaluation Command
ARXP US Army Security Assistance Command
ARXQ US Army Industrial Operations Command
ARXT US Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Activity
ARXX Materiel Readiness Activities
AU00 Federal Labor Relations Authority
AW00 Arctic Research Commission
BD00 Merit Systems Protection Board
BF00 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
BG00 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
BH00 Commission for the Preservation of America?s Heritage Abroad
BJ00 Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Cmsn
BK00 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation
BO00 Office of Management and Budget
BT00 Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
BW00 Nuclear Waste Technical Review Commission
BZ00 Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation
CC00 Commission on Civil Rights
CE00 Council of Economic Advisors
CF00 Commission of Fine Arts
CG00 National Education Goals Panel
CI00 Central Intelligence Agency
CM33 Technology Administration
CM51 Office of the Secretary
CM52 Economic Development Administration
CM53 Bureau of Economic Analysis
CM54 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
CM55 International Trade Administration
CM56 Patent and Trademark Office
CM57 National Institute of Standards and Technology
CM59 Minority Business Development Agency
CM61 National Telecommunications and Information Administration
CM62 National Technical Information Service
CM63 Bureau of Census
CM64 Office of the Inspector General
CM65 Economic Affairs Units
CM67 Bureau of Export Administration
CT00 Commodity Futures Trading Commission
CU00 National Credit Union Administration
CX00 National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
DC00 Office of Policy Development
DD01 Immediate Office of the Secretary of Defense
DD02 Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
DD04 Defense Information Systems Agency
DD05 Defense Intelligence Agency
DD06 Defense Security Assistance Agency
DD07 Defense Logistics Agency
DD08 US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
DD09 American Forces Information Service
DD10 Defense Contract Audit Agency
DD11 National Imagery and Mapping Agency
DD12 Defense Security Service
DD13 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DD15 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
DD16 Department of Defense Education Activity
DD17 Ofc of Civilian Health Medical Program of Uniformed Svc
D18 Defense Medical Programs Activity
DD21 Washington Headquarters Services
DD23 Office of Economics Adjustment
DD25 Defense Legal Services
DD26 Office of Inspector General
DD27 Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
DD28 National Security Agency/Central Security Service
DD34 Defense Commissary Agency
DD35 Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DD36 Army/Air Force Exchange Service
DD48 Defense Human Resources Activity
DD50 USD(A&T) Defense Support Activity
DD58 Defense POW/MIA Office
DD59 Consolidated Metropolitan Technical Personnel Center.
DD60 TRICARE Management Activity
DD61 Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DD62 Defense Career Management and Support Agency.
DJ01 Offices, Boards and Divisions
DJ02 Federal Bureau of Investigation
DJ03 Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System
DJ04 Immigration and Naturalization Service
DJ06 Drug Enforcement Administration
DJ07 Office of Justice Programs
DJ08 US Marshals Service
DJ09 Executive Office for US Attorneys & Office of US Attorneys
DJ10 Office of the Inspector General
DJ11 US Trustee System
DJ12 Executive Office for Immigration Review
DJ14 Community Relations Service
DLAA Office of the Secretary of Labor
DLAM Office of the Assistant Secretary for Adm and Mgmt
DLBL Bureau of International Labor Affairs
DLCA Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
DLCF Office of the Chief Financial Officer
DLED Presidential Task Force on Empl of Adults /w Disabilities
DLEH President’s Committee on Empl of People w/ Disabilities
DLES Employment Standards Administration
DLET Employment and Training Administration
DLIG Office of the Inspector General
DLLS Bureau of Labor Statistics
DLMS Mine Safety and Health Administration
DLNY National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee
DLPA Office of Public Affairs
DLPE Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy
DLPW Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration
DLSH Occupational Safety and Health Administration
DLSL Office of the Solicitor
DLVE Veterans Employment and Training Services
DLWB Women’s Bureau
DN00 Department Of Energy
EB00 Export-Import Bank of the United States
EC00 Office of Administration
EDEA Immediate Office of the Secretary of Education
EDEB Office of the Deputy Secretary of Education
EDEC Office for Civil Rights
EDEE Office of the Under Secretary
EDEF Office of Inspector General
EDEG Office of the General Counsel
EDEH Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
EDEI Office of the Chief Information Officer
EDEJ Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs
EDEK Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs
EDEL Office of the Chief Financial Officer
EDEM Office of Management
EDEN Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs
EDEP Office of Postsecondary Education
EDER Office of Educational Research and Improvement
EDES Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
EDET Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs
EDEV Office of Vocational and Adult Education
EDEX National Institute for Literacy
EDEY Advisory Councils and Committees
EDEZ National Assessment Governing Board
EE00 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EM00 Federal Emergency Management Agency
EO00 Morris K. Udall Schlrshp&Excllnc in Nat Envrnmntl Plcy Fndtn
EP00 Environmental Protection Agency
EQ00 Council on Environmental Ql/Ofc of Environmental Quality
ES00 Commission on Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries
EW00 Trade and Development Agency
EX00 Executive Residence at the White House
FC00 Federal Communications Commission
FD00 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FI00 Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
FJ00 Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
FK00 Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation
FL00 Farm Credit Administration
FM00 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
FQ00 Crts Svc and Offndr Sprvsn Agcy/Dstrct of Columbia
FR00 Federal Reserve System--Board of Governors
FT00 Federal Trade Commission
FW00 Office of Special Counsel
FY00 Federal Housing Finance Board
GB00 Overseas Private Investment Corporation
GE00 Barry Goldwater Schlrshp and Excellence in Edctn Fndtn
GI00 Presidential Advisory Cmsn on Holocaust Assets in the US
GJ00 Presidio Trust
GS01 Immediate Office of the Administrator
GS03 Public Buildings Service
GS04 Office of Civil Rights
GS10 Office of Enterprise Development
GS11 Office of the Chief Financial Officer
GS12 Office of General Counsel
GS13 GSA Board of Contract Appeals
GS14 Office of the Chief People Officer
GS15 Office of Inspector General
GS19 Office of Communications
GS20 Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
GS21 Office of Smart Card Initiatives
GS22 Offices of the Regional Administrators
GS24 Federal Supply Service
GS26 Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation
GS27 Federal Technology Service
GS28 Office of the Chief Information Officer
GS29 Office of Childcare
GW00 International Boundary and Water Cmsn: US and Mexico
GX00 International Boundary Commission: United States and Canada
GY00 International Joint Commission: United States and Canada
HB00 Committee for Prchs from Ppl Who Are Blnd or Svrly Dsbld
HD00 US Holocaust Memorial Council
HE10 Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services
HE11 Program Support Center
HE12 Administration on Aging
HE31 Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health
HE32 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
HE33 Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
HE34 Health Resources and Services Administration
HE35 Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
HE36 Food and Drug Administration
HE37 Indian Health Service
HE38 National Institutes of Health
HE39 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
HE70 Health Care Financing Administration
HE90 Administration for Children and Families
HP00 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
HSBC Dept Homeland Security, Boarder, Boarder & Transportaion Security, Trans Security
HSCB Dept Homeland Security, Emerg Prep & Response, Fed Emerg Management
HT00 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
HU01 Region 1 – Secretary’s Representative for New England
HU02 Region 2-Secretary’s Representative for New York/New Jersey
HU03 Region 3 – Secretary’s Representative for Mid-Atlantic
HU04 Region 4-Secretary’s Representative for Southeast/Caribbean
HU05 Region 5 – Secretary’s Representative for Midwest
HU06 Region 6 – Secretary’s Representative for Southwest
HU07 Region 7 – Secretary’s Representative for Great Plains
HU08 Region 8 – Secretary’s Representative for Rocky Mountains
HU09 Region 9 – Secretary’s Representative for Pacific/Hawaii
HU10 Region 10 – Secretary’s Representative for Northwest/Alaska
HUAA Office of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
HUBB Assistant Secretary for Administration
HUCC Office of General Counsel
HUDD Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development
HUEE Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
HUFF Office of the Chief Financial Officer
HUGG Office of Inspector General
HUII Office of Departmental Organization and Coordination
HUJJ AS for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations
HULL Office of LeadBased Paint Abatement and Poisoning Prevention
HUMM Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner
HUOO Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
HUPP Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing
HUQQ Section 8 Financial Management Center
HURR Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research
HUTT Government National Mortgage Association
HUUU Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity
HUVV Departmental Enforcement Center
HUWW Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs
HUXX Departmental Real Estate Assessment Center
HUYY Office of Multifamily Housing Assistance Restructuring
IB00 US Information Agency
IF00 Inter-American Foundation
IN01 Office of the Secretary of the Interior
IN05 Bureau of Land Management
IN06 Indian Affairs
IN07 Bureau of Reclamation
IN08 Geological Survey
IN10 National Park Service
IN13 Geological Survey--Biological Resources Division
IN15 US Fish and Wildlife Service
IN21 Office of the Solicitor
IN22 Office of Surfacing Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement
IN23 Minerals Management Service
IN24 Office of the Inspector General
JL01 Administrative Office of the US Courts
JL03 Supreme Court of the United States
KS00 Corporation for National and Community Service
LA00 Architect of the Capitol
LB00 Botanic Garden
LC00 Library of Congress
LD00 Congressional Budget Office
LF00 Federal Election Commission
LG00 General Accounting Office
LL01 Senate
LL02 House of Representatives
LP00 Government Printing Office
LQ00 John C Stennis Center for Public Svc Training & Development
LT00 US Tax Court
MA00 Marine Mammal Commission
MC00 Federal Maritime Commission
NF00 National Science Foundation
NK00 National Council on Disability
NL00 National Labor Relations Board
NM00 National Mediation Board
NN10 Headquarters, NASA
NN21 Ames Research Center
NN22 Lewis Research Center
NN23 Langley Research Center
NN24 Dryden Flight Research Center
NN51 Goddard Space Flight Center
NN62 George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
NN64 John C. Stennis Space Center
NN72 Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
NN73 Space Station Program Office
NN76 John F. Kennedy Space Center
NP00 National Capital Planning Commission
NQ00 National Archives and Records Administration
NS00 National Security Council
NU00 Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NV08 Immediate Office of the Secretary of the Navy
NV09 Navy Staff Offices
NV10 Navy Field Offices
NV11 Immediate Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
NV14 Office of Naval Research
NV15 Naval Intelligence Command
NV18 Naval Medical Command
NV19 Naval Air Systems Command
NV22 Bureau of Naval Personnel
NV23 Naval Supply Systems Command
NV24 Naval Sea Systems Command
NV25 Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NV27 US Marine Corps
NV30 Special Projects Office
NV33 Military Sealift Command
NV39 Naval Space and Warfare Systems Command
NV52 Ofc Naval Operations, Cmdr, Navy Installations
NV60 US Atlantic Fleet, Commander in Chief
NV61 US Naval Forces, Europe
NV62 Naval Education and Training Command
NV63 Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command
NV65 Naval Oceanography Command
NV69 Naval Security Group Command
NV70 US Pacific Fleet, Commander in Chief
NV72 Naval Reserve Force
NV74 Naval Special Warfare Command
NVZS US Special Operations Command (Navy)
OM00 Office of Personnel Management
OV00 Office of the Vice President
PC00 Panama Canal Commission
PI00 Public International Organization
PJ00 Postal Rate Commission
PO00 US Postal Service
PU00 Peace Corps
QQ00 Office of National Drug Control Policy
RE00 Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation
RF00 Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
RH01 Naval Home
RH02 US Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home
RR00 Railroad Retirement Board
RS00 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
SB00 Small Business Administration
SE00 Securities and Exchange Commission
SK00 Consumer Product Safety Commission
SM01 National Gallery of Art
SM02 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
SM03 Smithsonian Institution
SM04 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
SS00 Selective Service System
ST00 Department of State
SZ00 Social Security Administration
TB00 National Transportation Safety Board
TC00 US International Trade Commission
TD01 Office of the Secretary of Transportation
TD02 US Coast Guard
TD03 Federal Aviation Administration
TD04 Federal Highway Administration
TD05 Federal Railroad Administration
TD06 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
TD09 Federal Transit Administration
TD10 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
TD11 Research and Special Programs Administration
TD12 Office of Inspector General
TD13 Maritime Administration
TD15 Surface Transportation Board
TD16 Bureau of Transportation Statistics
TN00 Office of the US Trade Representative
TR35 Office of Thrift Supervision
TR40 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
TR91 Departmental Offices
TR93 Internal Revenue Service
TR95 Office of Inspector General
TRAA Financial Management Service
TRAB Bureau of the Public Debt
TRAC US Secret Service
TRAF US Customs Service
TRAH Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
TRAI Bureau of Engraving and Printing
TRAJ Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
TRTG Office of the Inspector General for Tax Administration
TS00 Office of Science and Technology Policy
TV00 Tennessee Valley Authority
UJ00 Japan-United States Friendship Commission
UT00 Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission
VAAA Office of the Secretary
VAAC Board of Contract Appeals
VAAD Board of Veterans Appeals
VAAE General Counsel
VAAF Inspector General
VAAH Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
VABA Immediate Ofc of the Assistant Scrtry for Hmn Rsrcs and Adm
VABB Deputy Assistant Secretary for Security and Law Enforcement
VABC Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources Management
VABD Deputy Assistant Secretary for Equal Employment Opportunity
VABE Deputy Assistant Secretary for Administration
VABF Deputy Assistant Secretary for Ofc of Resolution Mgmt
VADA Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary for Management
VADC Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget
VADD Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Management
VADG Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Materiel Mgmt
VAEA Immediate Ofc of the Assistant Secretary for Info and Tech
VAEB Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology
VAHA Imdt Ofc of the Assistant Secretary for Policy and Planning
VAHB Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy
VAHC Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning
VAHD National Center for Veteran Analysis and Statistics
VAJA Imdt Ofc of the Astnt Scrtry for Public and Intrgovl Affrs
VAJB Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs
VAJC Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs
VAKA Immediate Ofc of the Assistant Secretary for Cngs Affairs
VAKB Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs
VALA Veterans Benefits Administration
VAPA National Cemetery System
VATA Veterans Health Administration
WH01 White House Office
WH03 Office of the President
ZD00 US Court of Veterans Appeals
ZG00 Office of Compliance
ZI00 National Gambling Impact Study Commission
ZK00 Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement
ZL00 Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
ZM00 Commission on Maintaining US Nuclear Weapons Expertise
ZO00 Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

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AD Administratively determined rates
AS Non-Appropriated Fund, administrative support
AF American Family Members
AJ Admin judges, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
AL Administrative Law judges
AN Germany/Longshoreman
BB Non supervisory negotiated pay employees
BL Leader negotiated pay employees
BP Printing and Lithographic negotiated pay employees
BS Supervisory negotiated pay employee
CA Board of contract appeals
CC Non-Appropriated Fund, Childcare
CE Contract education
CG Corporate graded Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
CP Compensation pgm Ofc of Comptroller of currency
CS Skill Based Pay demonstration employees, DLA
CU Credit Union employees
CY Contract education Bureau of Indian Affairs
CZ Canal Zone General Schedule type positions
DA Demonstration administrative
DB Demonstration Engineers and Scientists
DC Greece/Graded
DE Demonstration engineers and scientists technicians
DG Demonstration gen Director Laboratory Pgms (Navy)
DH Demonstration hourly Air Force logistics command
DJ Demonstration Administrative
DK Demonstration general support
DN Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
DP Demonstration professional
DR Demonstration Air Force Scientist & Engineer
DS Demonstration specialist
DT Demonstration technician
DW Demonstration salaried Air Force and DLA
DX Demonstration Supervisory Air Force and DLA
EA Admin schedule (excluded) Tennessee Valley Authority
EB Clerical schedule (excluded) Tennessee Valley Authority
EC Engineering and Computing schedule (excluded) TVA
ED Expert
EE Expert (other)
EF Consultant (OPM)
EF Expert (other)
EG Consultant (other)
EH Advisory committee member
EI Advisory committee member (other)
EM Executive schedule Office of Comptroller currency
EO FDIC executive pay
EP Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service
ES Senior Executive Service
ET General Accounting Office Senior Executive Service
EX Executive pay
FA Foreign Service Chiefs of Mission
FC Foreign Compensation Agency for International Development
FD Foreign Defense
FE Senior Foreign Service
FO Foreign Service Officers
FP Foreign Service Personnel
FZ Consular Agent Department of State
GD Skill based pay demonstration project managers (DLA)
GG Grades similar to General Schedule
GH GG employees converted to performance and mgmt recognition
GM Performance Management and Recognition System
GS General Schedule
GW Employees who are classified under and paid at GS rates
IE Senior Intelligence Executive Service Program
IP Senior Intelligence Professional Program
JG Graded tradesmen and craftsmen United States Courts
JL Leaders of tradesmen and craftsmen United States Courts
JP Non supervisory lithographers and printers US Courts
JQ Lead lithographers and printers United States Courts
JR Supervisory lithographers and printers United States Courts
JT Supervisors for tradesmen and craftsmen United States Courts
KA Kleas Act Government Printing Office
KG Non-Craft non supervisory Bureau of Engraving and Printing
KL Non-Craft leader Bureau of Engraving and Printing
KS Non-Craft supervisory Bureau of Engraving and Printing
LE United States Secret Service uniformed division Treasury
LG Liquidation graded FDIC
MA Milk Marketing Department of Agriculture
MC Cadet
ME Enlisted
MO Officer
MW Warrant officer
NA Non-appropriated funds, crafts and trades worker
NC NRL administrative support
ND Demonstration Scientific & Engineering
NF Non-Appropriated Fund, pay band
NG Demonstration General Support
NH Business management & technical mngt prof
NJ Technical management support
NK Administration support
NL Non-Appropriated Funds, crafts and trades leader
NO NRL Administrative specialist/professional
NP NRL Science and engineering professional
NR NRL Science and engineering technical
NS Non-appropriated funds, crafts and trades supervisory
NT Demonstration administrative and technical
PS Non-Appropriated Fund, patron service
OC Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
PA Attorneys and law clerks General Accounting Office
PE Evaluator and evaluator related General Accounting Office
PG Printing Office grades
RS Senior Biomedical Service
SA Administrative schedule Tennessee Valley Authority
SB Clerical schedule (excluded) Tennessee Valley Authority
SC Engineering and Computing schedule TVA
SD Scientific and Programming schedule TVA
SE Aide and Technician schedule Tennessee Valley Authority
SF Custodial schedule Tennessee Valley Authority
SG Public Safety schedule Tennessee Valley Authority
SH Physicians schedule Tennessee Valley Authority
SJ Scientific and Programming schedule (excluded) TVA
SL Senior Level Positions
SM Management Schedule Tennessee Valley Authority
SN Senior Level System Nuclear Regulatory Commission
SP Park Police Department of the Interior
SR Statutory rates not elsewhere specified
SS Senior Staff positions
ST Scientific and professional
SZ Canal Area Special category type positions
TA Construction schedule
TB Operating and Maintenance (power facilities) TVA
TC Chemical Operators Tennessee Valley Authority
TD Plant Operators schedule Tennessee Valley Authority
TE Operating and Maintenance (nonpower facilities) TVA
TM Federal Housing Finance board Executive level
TP Teaching positions
TR Police Forces US Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing
TS Step System Federal Housing Finance board
VC Canteen Service Department of Veterans Affairs
VG Clerical and Administrative support Farm Credit
VH Professional, Administrative, and Managerial Farm Credit
VM Medical and Dental Department of Veterans Affairs
VN Nurses Department of Veterans Affairs
VP Clinical Podiatrists & Optometrists Dept of Veterans Affairs
WA Navigation Lock and Dam Operation and maintenance supervisor
WB Wage positions under FWS not otherwise designated
WD Production facilitating non-supervisory Federal Wage System
WE Currency manufacturing Department of the Treasury
WF Motion Picture Production
WG Non-supervisory pay schedule Federal Wage System
WJ Hopper Dredge Schedule, Supervisory Federal Wage System
WK Hopper Dredge Schedule non-supervisory
WL Federal Wage schedule leader
WM Maritime pay schedules
WN Production facilitating supervisory Federal Wage System
WO Navigational Lock and Dam Operation and maintenance position
WQ Aircraft, Electronic, and Optical Equipmen repair supervisor
WR Aircraft, Electronic and Optical Equipment repair leader
WS Supervisory Pay Schedules Federal Wage System
WT Apprentices and Shop trainees Federal Wage System
WU Aircraft, Electronic and Optical Equipment repair non-super
WW Wage type excepted Stay-In-School Federal Wage System
WZ Canal Area Wage System type positions
XA Spcl Overlap Area Rate Schd non supervisory Dept of Interior
XB Special Overlap Area Rate Schd leader Dept of the Interior
XC Spcl Overlap Area Rate Schd supervisory Dept of Interior
XD Non spvr production facilitating spcl schd printing empl
XF Floating Plant Schedule, non-supervisory FWS
XG Floating Plant Schedule leader FWS
XH Floating Plant Schedule, Supervisory FWS
XL Leader special schedule printing employee
XN Supervisory production facilitating spcl schd printing empl
XP Non supervisory special schedule printing employee
XS Supervisory special schedule printing employees
YV Temporary summer aid employment
YW Student aid employment Stay-In-School
ZA Administrative Natl Institute of Standards and Technology
ZP Scientific and Engineering Professional National NIST
ZS Administrative Support NIST
ZT Scientific and Engineering Technician NIST
ZZ Not applicable

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97380100 Denver, DoD
97380200 Charleston, Army
97380300 Pensacola, Army
97380400 Denver, Army
97380500 Pensacola, DoD
97380600 Charleston, DoD
97380700 Charleston, shipyard
97380800 Omaha, Army
97380900 Omaha, DoD
97381000 Charleston, DoD overseas
97381100 Charleston, Army overseas
97381200 Pensacola, EOP

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N Placed in non pay status
P Placed in pay status in the Federal Civilian Workforce

1 - Member paid with active duty funds
2 - Member paid with reserve funds
3 - Suspended pay account
4 - Dropped from rolls (deserter)
5 - Dropped from rolls (other)
6 - Separated from active duty

1 – Receiving pay
2 – Eligible but not receiving
3 – Eligible but not receiving, direct remittance for standard base pay (SBP)
4 – Pay terminated
5 – Pay suspended

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I Inactive National Guard
P Individual Ready Reserve Members in a training program
R Individual Ready Reserve - Trained Members
S Selected Reserve - Trained in Units
T Selected Reserve - Trained Individuals (non-unit)
U Selected Reserve - Training Pipeline
V Retired Reserve
Y Standby (Active and Inactive)
1 Selected Reserve (not including AGR or MILTECH)
2 Active/Guard Reserve (AGR)
3 Military Technicians (MILTECH)
4 Individual Ready Reserve(IRR) / Inactive National Guard(ING)
5 Standby Reserve (Active and Inactive)
6 Retired Reserve

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A Annulled
D Divorced
I Interlocutory
L Legally separated
M Married
N Never married
W Widowed
Z Unknown

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Y Yes; active duty (employed by NAF activity during off duty hours)
N No; not on active duty
Z Not applicable

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To capture information on welfare to work hiring in response to the President’s memorandum of March 8, 1997, hiring refers to “off the street” additions to the Federal employment rolls. Hiring does not include transfers between NAFI agencies or to transfers from appropriated fund Federal employment to NAFI employment. However, it does include any such hire preceded by a break in Federal service of greater than three days (which is not considered a transfer).

A Employee was hired on or after March 8, 1997 and checked box A on OPM Form 1635, “Welfare to Work Program”
B Employee was hired on or after March 8, 1997 and checked box B on OPM Form 1635, “Welfare to Work Program”
C Employee was hired on or after March 8, 1997 and did not check either box A or box B on OPM Form 1635, “Welfare to Work Program”
D Employee was hired on or before March 7, 1997
E Unknown hire date

Time periods for the GROSS PAY in the PARIS Federal Match:

DOD Civilian Pay – Current Pay Period.

OPM Civilian Pay – Annual Total Pay

Civil Service Retired Pay – Monthly Gross Amount

Military Active Duty Pay – Year to Date for Federal Taxable Wages plus the Current Monthly Amounts for the Basic Allowances for Subsistence/Quarters/Housing.

Military Reserve Pay – Current Month

Military Retired – Gross Monthly Amount

Non Appropriated Fund – Annualized Salary

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Grade is defined as an indicator of hierarchical relationships among positions covered by the same pay plan or system. The majority of the grades are identified as a number, but there are some that are alphas. Here is a list of the values associated with grade.

DOD Civilian File: 00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,,12,13,14,15.

OPM Civilian: AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,GG,HH,II,JH,JJ,LH,17,18,20,29,44, and include the values listed for the DOD Civilian File.

NAF: 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10. 00 is unknown grade.

Active Duty:
Unknown grade = ME00, MO00, MW00.
Enlisted Personnel = ME01,ME02,ME03,ME04,ME05,ME06,ME07,ME08,ME09.
Commissioned Officers = MO01,MO02,MO03,MO04,MO05,MO06,MO07,MO08.MO09,MO10,MO11.
Warrant Officers = MW01,MW02,MW03,MW04,MW05.

Reserve: See Active Duty (less the “M”).

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