PARIS Transmittal 2020-01: Important Announcement Regarding Quarterly Match and PARIS Data Use

PARIS Community,

In advance of the upcoming PARIS match this week, we would like to notify our state partners that state SNAP data submitted to the PARIS program was recently used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to inform a mandated study designed to ensure that the military compensation system appropriately rewards members of the U.S. Armed Forces for their sacrifices and contributions. DoD indicates that no personally identifiable information (PII) received from participating states under the PARIS matching program was disclosed outside of the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) to inform this analysis.

DoD conducted this analysis to help satisfy requirements of the presidentially mandated Thirteenth Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation (QRMC). Every four years, in response to a presidential charge, DoD commissions a complete review of compensation principles and concepts for members of the U.S. Armed Forces. The 13th QRMC charter requires the review to “survey the usage of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, as well as any other supplemental sources of income or support.” The 13th QRMC memorandum is available at Additional information about the QRMC, including previous QRMC reports, is available here:

DoD analyzed state data provided to the PARIS program submitted for prior match(es) in conjunction with data from the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). DoD indicates that the QRMC analysis was undertaken solely for the purposes of statistical reporting and research, and will not be used to affect rights, benefits, or potential enforcement actions at the individual level. DoD has confirmed that individual-level information has remained within the DoD, PII is limited to the DMDC processing environment, and state-provided PII was not disclosed to QRMC analysts.

HHS/ACF and DoD will work together to ensure that future iterations of the PARIS computer matching agreement more clearly reflect the possibility that information not identifiable to particular individuals may be used to derive statistics to inform studies such as the QRMC.

We request questions from states to be directed to

The next PARIS match is scheduled for Friday, February 14, 2020.

When transmitting your PARIS quarterly data to the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) this month, the following inbound file format is requested:

PARIS.<state code>.PYYYYMM<4 byte year><2 byte month>, e.g. PARIS.AL.P201911 (for the November submission), also indicate the file size and method used to transmit the file to the Flint server, such as Connect Direct, sftp, etc. Make sure there are no carriage controls at the end of each line in the submitted file. If your data has carriage controls, it makes the LRECL larger than it should be. Also, provide the name of the point of contact for the file transmission.

Provide this information by email to Portia A. M. Gilliam via email to

Last Reviewed: February 11, 2020

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