State of Illinois Interoperability and Integration Project


Project Summary

The Illinois Interoperability and Integration Project (the Illinois Interoperability Project) was funded by a $1,125,000 State Systems Interoperability and Integration Projects planning grant from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Partnership Fund.  During the 12-month grant period, Illinois established and implemented a governance model for the Illinois Healthcare and Human Services Framework Project (the Framework), a seven-agency collaborative to develop a modern, horizontally-integrated state health and human service delivery system.

Needs Addressed

The Interoperability Project designed and developed a sustainable governance model for the Framework that will guide the partner agencies and programs toward a new paradigm of “build once, use many.”  While the literature on project success points to the need for such governance, there were few existing models that had been tested and proven in the field.  Illinois performed extensive background research on successful models and best practices; designed and deployed a governance process for the Framework; and tracked the successes and failures.

Overall, the Illinois Interoperability Project goals were to:

  • Improve service access and delivery;
  • Increase operational efficiency and program integrity; and
  • Create a capacity for sophisticated analysis and data-driven decision-making across the Illinois healthcare and human services space.


  • Established a comprehensive knowledge repository of reports, white papers, interviews, charters, case studies, and other artifacts on the topics of governance and interoperability.
  • Interviewed subject matter experts – including academics, state and county agency directors, and interoperability specialists – on the attributes of good governance.
  • Developed a document entitled “Best Practices in Project Governance,” a high-level overview of the purpose and design of good governance.
  • Created an “Options Analysis” incorporating the organizational structure and decision-making characteristics of similar project governance models to guide the Framework Executive Steering Committee (ESC) toward a sustainable governance model for Illinois.
  • Developed a consensus about which governance model most closely fits the state’s needs.
  • Deployed, modified, vetted, and refined a governance model for the Framework.
  • Made the Project findings and research available to the public by publishing an “Interoperability Handbook” that includes a roadmap and toolkit for other jurisdictions contemplating similar interoperability projects.
  • Chronicled the Illinois experience to share best practices and lessons-learned.

Deliverables (click on each deliverable below for more information)

  • Project Start-Up and on Boarding (COMPLETED)

A new Interoperability Project Manager was recruited and a vendor providing technical assistance to the project was contracted.  

Saved in an online database, the Knowledge Repository is composed of reports, white papers, presentations, and other reference materials related to governance in the United States and abroad.

This deliverable sought to identify best practices in project governance in interoperability projects across organizational boundaries. The purpose of the research was to apply best practices and lessons learned to the design and implementation of a new governance model for the State of Illinois Framework.

The Options Analysis is a comparison of two governance model options.  By weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each option, the team recommended one option for the Illinois Framework.

The Model describes the Framework’s need for governance, the process behind developing the proposed Model, the structure of the Model, and the roles and responsibilities of the committees involved.

This interactive handbook presents the results of Illinois' Interoperability Framework project findings which can be used as a guide for states and jurisdictions implementing cross-program and cross-agency system development efforts.

This Final Report provides an overview of Illinois' efforts to develop a functioning governance model for a seven-agency collaborative of state healthcare and human services agencies.

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Last Reviewed: February 3, 2017
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