State of New York Interoperability and Integration Project


Project Summary

This planning project supported the future design, development and implementation of a New York State Children’s Passport (CP), an electronic record system that will store multi-agency (state and federal) data associated with youth in the custody of Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) or the Commissioner of a Local Department of Social Services.

By leveraging work initiated by the Division of Juvenile Justice and Opportunities for Youth  (DJJOY) electronic record system, and the National Human Services Interoperability Architecture (NHSIA) initiatives, OCFS made substantial progress toward addressing Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and NHSIA guidance to develop a Master Person Services Index (MPI). To support this effort, the program worked with OCFS child welfare program and policy experts to define an interagency interoperable architecture.

Needs Addressed

The New York State OCFS must satisfy regulatory requirements and operational mandates to collect and maintain comprehensive records for children in its care. In order to construct and maintain these records in an electronic format, OCFS gathered and integrated information from multiple local, regional, state, and federal agencies that cross multiple data domains and are subject to varying electronic information exchange formats and information technology (IT) protocols.


In collaboration with DJJOY, OCFS developed an electronic record system. The initial focus of this initiative was to gather electronic health information to support the provision of medical and mental health services to youth in OCFS custody utilizing Medicaid claims and immunization records. This effort represented an important first step toward development of interoperable information exchanges.

Deliverables (click on each deliverable below for more information)

  • As–Is Assessment (Final) *
    This document is an As-Is Assessment of the Foster Child (FC) Health Information Environment, including: Business Processes; Data Sources; and Technical Architecture. This assessment will provide a baseline of information describing the current environment that will be used to define alternative approaches that best support the project’s targeted outcomes.
  • Alternative Analysis (Final) *
    This document presents an Alternatives Analysis designed to determine the optimal approach to developing a Children’s Passport system for New York State’s Foster Child (FC) population.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (Final) *
    This document presents a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) designed to compare the costs and benefits associated with Alternatives 2 and 3 detailed in the Alternatives Analysis deliverable.
  • Finalize & Justify Selected Alternative (Final) *
  • Final Report (Final) *

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Last Reviewed: November 9, 2016
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