Resources Specific to Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence and Prevention

What do we mean by trauma-informed services and why is such an approach important?

My agency has decided it wants to be more trauma-informed. Where do I start?

We’ve begun working on these issues, but are trying to decide what to tackle next. How can I figure out my next steps?

How can I/my staff recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in the clients we work with?

How do I develop the capacity of my staff to deliver trauma-informed services?

My staff often burn out from dealing with clients’ trauma constantly.  How can I support them?

What does my agency’s physical space have to do with being trauma-informed?

  • The National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health has created a tip sheet on creating trauma-informed services for domestic violence survivors. Tips for Creating a Welcoming Environment (PDF) Visit disclaimer page can help your program create a physical space that promotes recovery and resists re-traumatization.

Additional Resources